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Cerese Godfrey

Cerese's Conversations - Cerese Godfrey [CereseG] on Plurk - 0 views

shared by Cerese Godfrey on 26 Sep 09 - Cached
  • cfox2saysalong the bottom there is a plurk lottery where
  • g_teachasksGingerTPLC to check her PPsKathsaysgood evening all. Just got home from Baker class. 24 students in class this evening. Lots of questio
  • CereseGhatesto think of going to work the rest of this year. I am so tire of this upheavals!!...111/11StacysaysSo, if you're 15 and you cry, you can get through to the male judges?...51/11Stacysaysshould I shovel now or wait until tomorrow?...12g_teachsaysdownloaded a chess app for my iPod4bknittlewonderswhich of my plurk pals will be heading to EduCon....2McTeach Seriously, I absolutely hate leaving a meeting feeling that angry at how my time is of no value to administrators!...1elainejsaysday was mtgs from start to now. Yikes! Need to go to the groc then home to take something for my throat....Godtessshareshave you seen my Blackberry is not Working? ...3Amy Cordova I am tired!1/11Stacysayscheck it out: contracts negotiated, proposals written - now wait on 6 boards to approve or deny, 15 others are onboard!...9angiemc99askswhen something has to go in your day...what do you drop? (Due to lack of time)
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BLOGGING 2.0 IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION: I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . - 1 views

    I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . I invite you to join #edtech20 facebook page has a new look . Do you like ? If you like please post useful information for teachers related to integrating eSafety of new technologies web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 . Using #edtech20 hastag All the posts will appear on the main page . Let's collaborate and share knowledge toghether also when you join eSafety in #edtech20 PLN

Portofolio with my 101 edtools . Discover why curation is Social Media King - 10 views

    Dear teachers, researchers and social media curators if you like my online research with more than 100 edtools, ipad and windows phone apps to mLearning please share: tweet, Like, G+ my #startup #curation page If I achieve more than 200 shares I will add other 100 killer #ipad apps to #mlearning on the page and if you know a killer app please suggest it on the page topic and if you like my page leave a comment or mail me .þff
Tami Brass

Free Cut and Paste Timelines for your Blog : My Timelines - 0 views

    My Timelines is a new cut and paste service from the makers of Backlinkr, RSS to Javascript and Trackbackr. My Timelines let's you easily add an AJAX based timeline that displays your most recent blog entries.
Ako Z°om

Get my Flickr Widget! | Roy Tanck's weblog - 0 views

  • Get my Flickr Widget! The form below will let you generate a Flash Flickr widget for your website or blog using your Flickr RSS feed. It will create a short bit of HTML code that you can copy-paste code into any HTML page, blog post or a WordPress text widget. You’ll need the following values to get you started. Your Flickr or Picasa RSS feed.
    widgets some rolling tagsor images ball in flash .. quite sweet rendering
    some rolling tags ball in flash .. quite sweet rendering
Steve Fulton

Teaching with Technology in the Middle: Diigo for Digital Writing Reflection - 24 views

  • They've used it to keep track of information they find on the web, to share information with our class group, and
  • because of their proficiency with it that when an idea came to me today 5 minutes before the start of class of a new purpose for which I could have my students use Diigo
    My most recent post about how I had My students use Diigo to assess thinking and learning in their blog writing.
Gail Braddock

Free PerioS Download - 0 views

    free time lapse photography software for a while now and finally found Perios. Perios is a tiny download and very, very simple to use. For my first movie I set the software to record one frame every five seconds but I feel I need to continue experimenting for improved results. Once the software captures all the still pics you have to export them as a movie file. I then added all the credits and music in Movie Maker. Too easy!!! The only hassle I had with the software was trying to get it to work with a webcam. I eventually just stuck with the built in camera in my laptop. Possible Time Lapse Subjects - flower blooming / plant growth - spider spinning a web - tracking shadow movement throughout a day - artwork being made - a classic game of chess - the classroom working - lego construction - snail race - decomposing fruit - butterfly hatching - traffic outside your window for surveys - is the movement of the lunchtime crowd fractal? - fill up and ant farm and record tunnel creation - growing of crystals - your fish tank - clouds across the sky / storm coming
Jeff Johnson

iPhone 101: Geocaching with an iPhone 3G - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - 0 views

    Geocaching is a sport/hobby in which you wander about with a GPS and try to find caches, small hidden containers with swag and a logbook inside. One of the first things I looked for in the App Store was a geocaching application that would let me a) look up caches near my present location, b) tell me when I'm getting close, and c) let me log my finds on
Jeff Johnson

Pixolu Finds Images by Similarity - 0 views

    Web-based application Pixolu helps you find images by their similarity to each other. Enter a search term and Pixolu searches the image indexes of Google, Yahoo, and Flickr. Once Pixolu returns results, you can further refine them by dragging images to a holding area on the lower right corner of the interface. In my test run, I searched for pumpkins. I specifically wanted pictures of lots of pumpkins gathered together but not pictures of Jack o' Lanterns or pumpkin pie. By dragging and dropping pictures of multiple pumpkins from my initial search into the sidebar and refining the search, Pixolu narrowed down the remaining images into just those of tons of pumpkins clustered together.
Professional Learning Board

Computer is New Jeopardy Champion - 4 views

    This was a difficult newsletter to write this week because I am torn. This week there was one item in the news that created a "Wow, that is so cool." and an "Oh my gosh, that is so scary." moment for me. So, my questions for you this week are: 1. How do you feel about a computer winning against humans in an intellectual game like Jeopardy? 2. What do you think this technology will mean for teaching and learning during your lifetime?
Professional Learning Board

Movies in the Classroom - 17 views

    Sometimes I have conversations with myself. As both a parent and a teacher my role in these two positions can sometimes struggle to coexist. my questions for you this week: On what things in education do you feel conflicted? What movies do you use in the classroom and why?

MY RESEARCH AND TOP 10 WEB 2.0 TOOLS IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION with Proud to be leader in Smile EUN Project COP2 and to present MY top 10 tools to build #edtech20 #PLN - 19 views

    Proud to be Leader in Cop2 organized in SMILE :) project  managed by European Schoolnet . I tried to describe here my top 10 Social Media Curation tools to develop a PLN . Please add your feed-back and add comments with your  favorite startups to build a PLN here
Danielle Klaus

Best of Technology Bites 2007 - 0 views

  • I will list here my best posts of 2007. I didn’t took time to list popular posts by month, so i am just posting a list of popular posts of the year 2007.
    I will list here my best posts of 2007. I didn't took time to list popular posts by month, so i am just posting a list of popular posts of the year 2007.

BLOGGING USING WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN EDUCATION IN XXI CENTURY: #ntchat #edchat #lrnchat , Worldwide educators you are invited to join my #edtech20 presentation in #CO11 - free annual live online conference on wiziq - 7 views

    Worldwide educators you are invited to join my #edtech20 presentation and all the sessions in #CO11 - free annual live online conference on wiziq

My Top 10 exciting new #startup tools/ apps on #leweb12 Cometition . Blippar winner , Hohoki - runner up and 3-rd teleportd - 10 views

    My Top 10 exciting new #startup tools/ apps on #leweb12 Cometition . Blippar winner , Hohoki - runner up and 3-rd teleportd
Lisa Winebrenner

Online Education: My Teacher Is an App - - 13 views

    My Teacher Is an App-More kids than ever before are attending school from their living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. The result: A radical rethinking of how education works.
M. Miller

FireFTP SUPPORT PAGE- The Free FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox - 3 views

    • M. Miller
      See highlighted text under each question
  • General Usage
  • FTP is a way for you to take files from your computer and upload them to another computer, usually a web server. Or, it is also a way of downloading files from another computer to yours.
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  • toolbar button
  • click Tools->Web Developer->FireFTP
  • accounts menu, select "Create an account..."
  • a "symlink". You can read about it here:
  • ename a file/make a directory/make symlinks/delete files?
  • right-click on the file lists. A context menu will appear showing the available functions you have, along with related keyboard shortcut
  • save the account information
  • "Connect" button to make the connection to your site
  • copy the URL (HTTP or FTP) and put it in the clipboard
  • find that the local files are on your left and the remote files are on your right
  • click
  • to upload a file to the server
  • you can hide it or show it by pressing Log in the main toolbar or in Options
  • FireFTP will navigate to the directory or download the file that the symlink points to
  • FireFTP gives you the option to Resume from where you left off.
  • server you wish to connect
  • unzip a Zip archive (.zip, .jar, or .xpi)
  • right click on my image file, go to Open With->Add Programs
  • For your local files, sometimes you want to be able to open a file with a different program than the default one
  • give my program a name in the Name textbox, in this case, Photoshop
  • Sometimes you need to transfer files from one website to another
  • specify how to talk to an FTP server
  • click "Browse" and find the Photoshop executable file
  • optionally I can add Arguments
  • in the top-right pane that my program is now associated with that extension. In a similar manner, if I want a pro
  • connect to both servers at the same time and just tell them to pass the files to each other, without having the files go through your computer.
  • you can create categories like "Work", "Patches", etc. to divide and conquer your list of accounts.
  • To view the server you are transferring to you can always open another FireFTP (in another tab) - this way you can look at both servers at the same time.
  • you have to configure an account for the server you are transferring to ahead of time
  • configure the "Initial Remote Directory" under the Connection tab of the account's settings
  • IPv6 is if you are connecting to a server on the IPv6 network protocol or you yourself are using IPv6
  • here you can work on your file, save it, and FireFTP will automatically upload your file when it detects you've modified the file
  • For remote files, selecting Open With will download the file and put you into Remote Edit mode
  • An example of an IPv4 address is more commonly known as
  • an advanced operation
  • An IPv4 number is like a computer's unique phone number
  • check out your own 'phone number' here.
  • For Mac users:
  • a specific directory for either local, remote or both file systems
  • the risks involved in the FXP operation please read the Wikipedia article.
  • when you browse the directory you aren't allowed to go into the Application's hidden contents
  • Both servers involved with the transfer have to have FXP enabled in order for the operation to work.
  • Right-click on an Application and do "Show Package Contents"
  • ou can read more details about IPv6 here:
  • /Applications/
    FTP stands for File Tranfer Protocol. It is the sister of the more commonly used HTTP. Both protocols deal with transfering data across the internet. FTP is a way for you to take files from your computer and upload them to another computer, usually a web server. Or, it is also a way of downloading files from another computer to yours. "Support Search this page: Installation General Usage Account Manager Properties Options Tools Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Questions Walkthrough for Beginners by Floss Manuals A Walkthrough for Beginners by Prisca Schmarsow "
Al Hammel

Innovative Student group management software- - 55 views

Cool idea. I use Moodle and encourage students to use Google Docs. If you could add a twitter function where members can opt in for a twitter update to their phone, you might have something compe...

grouptable group projects study groups college

William Gaskins

Classroom Blog - 57 views

I want to control blogs for many classes of students. I want to manage and supervise the user. How does edublog allow you to do that.. Bill Cathy Arreguin wrote: > Edublogs is super! > > The plat...


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