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Duane Sharrock

2 | When The Internet Is Your Brain: - 8 views

    In H+: The Digital Series, a post-apocalyptic techno-thriller that debuts today from producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X2, House), a consumer device that allows people to stay connected 24-hours a day directly results in the demise of one-third of the Earth's population. That's a scary vision for any epoch, but perhaps especially one currently salivating at the prospect of new iThings. The culprit in H+, which is shorthand for a real-world movement called transhumanism, is a wonder chip that we implant in our brains, thereby eliminating the need to hunch over physical electronics forever. But the price paid for this technological leap is a steep--when a global virus strikes the implants, the system failure is fatal.
Lisa Winebrenner

Google University Relations - Faculty Summit 2010 - 6 views

    2010 Faculty Summit Opening Remarks, presented by Alfred Spector, VP of Research and Special Initiatives (YouTube)Storage Architecture and Challenges, presented by Andrew Fikes, Principal Software Engineer (PDF)Cloud Computing and Software Security, presented by Ulfar Erlingsson, Manager, Security Research (YouTube)Engineering Private Spaces Online, presented by Betsy Masiello, Policy Manager (YouTube)Defeating the Password Anti-Pattern with Open Standards, presented by Dirk Balfanz, Staff Software Engineer (YouTube)Security at Scale, presented by Eric Grosse, Engineering Director, Security (YouTube)Anatomy of a Large-Scale Social Search Engine, presented by Damon Horowitz, Engineering Director (YouTube)Closing Remarks, presented by Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist (YouTube)
Lisa Winebrenner

Calculating the Cloud: Determining the True Cost of Hosting Servers in the Cloud (EDUCA... - 13 views

    Calculating the Cloud: Determining the True Cost of Hosting Servers in the Cloud By Adam Goldstein
Allison Kipta

Parent Advice - Internet Filters Tips - Common Sense Media - 5 views

    "Kids are curious, and just as when they were toddlers, bound to get into things you'd rather they didn't. Without certain measures in place, your kids can access everything on the Web. And though nothing can replace your guidance and vigilance, there are some tools out there to help you make sure your kids are see¬ing the better things the Internet has to offer. "
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