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Sheri Edwards

Building School-Based Student Digital Book Clubs | MiddleWeb - 0 views

  • So instead of focusing on skill development alone, we considered engagement.
  • real readers find pockets of time during the day in which to squeeze some reading, known in her classes as “reading emergencies.” Highly portable digital devices make it much easier to exploit these pockets of time.
  • responses to their reading on Kidblog.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Two other elements for engagement, purpose and audience, proved to be the difference makers. When learners know that they will receive feedback when posting their thoughts and questions about what they’re reading, they see how these digital forums can serve them compared to just chatting about the mundane.
  • We stopped referring to this offering as an “intervention.” It was a book club.
  • having a diversity of abilities and interests paved the way toward a more authentic community of readers.
  • readers theater performance,
  • But we don’t plan to quantify the results. Instead we’ll ask questions like: Do they read without the need of a log? Have they ever saved up their allowance so they could get that special title on its release date? Has a whole afternoon passed by because they were so immersed in a book?
  • All learning is social.
  • . Bridging these two worlds through social media such as Google+, Twitter, and Edmodo gives us that authentic experience of what read readers do.
  • teach our students to be critical thinkers of what we read and investigate multiple perspectives before we can say we “learned” something.
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