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Contents contributed and discussions participated by arnaud berghmans

arnaud berghmans

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started by arnaud berghmans on 29 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • arnaud berghmans
    You are invitated to participate in a survey on Internet-based services in support of the research process.

    The European Commission would like to find out which Internet-based resources (such as collaboration tools, wikis, social networks, mailing lists, bulleting boards, chat rooms, etc) the research community at large currently uses when carrying out research, and which ones it would be willing to use in the future.

    The survey has six sections corresponding to the following phases of a research project: (1) Generate, elaborate and refine ideas; (2) Find partners; (3) Set up the research project; (4) Seek funding; (5) Run the research project; and (6) Exploit results. Each section has 3 questions.

    The results of this survey will help the European Commission better understand which Internet-based services could in the future facilitate the participation of the research community in the European research and innovation programmes.

    The questionnaire is anonymous and responses are aggregated for analysis. It takes ten minutes to complete.

    This is the link to the survey:

    Thank you for participating.

    Arnaud Berghmans


    Augusto Burgueño Arjona
    Head of Unit
    Research Directorate-General
    European Commission
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