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Leigh Newton

Intelligent YouTube Video Collections | Open Culture - 6 views

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Tyler Wall

Gotta Be An Easier Way » Using technology to make your life easier! - 0 views

    Tools/applications/services that are easy to use and attempt to make your life easier.
    About the site copied form teh About page: "The idea for the blog/website came from the realization that unless we (Academics, Educational Technology Experts, Instructional Designers, Information Technology Experts etc.) find ways to encourage faculty, administration and staff to use technology on a daily basis for routine tasks our chances of getting these people to effectively use technology in an academic setting, in the classroom or online are limited. Much of the technology that we do use or deploy in the academic setting is much too difficult to use so many faculty, administrators and staff do not view technology as something that can actually save them time and make them more efficient but as something that can easily consume vast amounts of time, requires extensive training and is just too bothersome to learn to use. It doesn't have to be this way. Through the blog we hope to change the way that many people view technology and show our subscribers that there always and easier way and if USED APPROPRIATELY technology can make ones life easier, more efficient and can even save valuable time. All the tools, software, or hardware (herein referred to as tools) that we will review and recommend will only be included in this site based on the following criteria: * They do not required any training or instruction to be used - if one has to crack a training manual or enroll in a course to use the tool then there must be a better or easier tool. * The tools must actually make one's life easier, provide levels of efficiency and actually save time. * The tools must be free/open source or if they aren't free, they must provide exceptional value and be of a minimal cost. * We actually use them. Finally, the notion of always looking for an easier way or perhaps the better way should be at the heart of learning and at the heart of academia. Education or more specifically learning should be an empowering experience and t
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