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Mandeep Bajar

Message Queue API, Async Message, Android Queue Example - 0 views

    APP42 PaaS Message API consists of message and Queue. Service for sending, pulling and removing Message from a particular Queue and manages asynchronous Queues
ma rody candera

Babbling News: Get the tsunami disaster, the people of Japan are still orderly queue for the evacuation - 0 views

    Japan is famous for his custom to always orderly. The proof even life-threatening danger of tsunami, they still look orderly queue to the bus for evacuation.
Fabien Cadet

The Ideal HPC Programming Language - ACM Queue - 2 views

    What if programming did not mean having to learn a language someone else devised and then wrestling with the limitations of that language, its compilers, and computers to implement your task? What if it meant, in a sense, the opposite? You could write your program in whatever way was most expressive for you, without regard for language rules imposed by someone else. Then it would be somebody else's job to define the programming language that would make sense of what you wrote, write the compilers to digest the program, and build the computers that would efficiently run the task you specified.
Joel Bennett

Using RabbitMQ with C# and .NET - 3 views

  • I'm currently working on a project where I need to be able to transfer a large number of requests via JSON over web services. I need to take some of that data, do some aggregation with it, and store it in a persistent store. In order to allow the data to be reliably processed in a number of different ways, I wanted to place the incoming data into multiple queues and have it processed and then stored.
  • RabbitMQ fits the bill on all of these fronts, is crazy easy to setup and use, and is very fast.
  • RabbitMQ is written in Erlang
    RabbitMQ is a cross-platform implementation of an Advanced Message Qeuing Protocol (AMQP) broker (similar to MSMQ). There's a .Net client, and it allows you to decouple your routing and an message storage, and do so in a cross-platform way.
helen hunt

Excellent Help Desk Support from the Professionals - 1 views

There was a time when I needed help with my computer concern and Help Virtual Desk Support was there to resolve it in a matter of minutes. Their help desk support was fast and reliable. I did not w...

started by helen hunt on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
subsequent1 subsequent1

pas . Casquette Hermes - 0 views

Crouch s'est sur ​​le terrain ", a déclaré Fudge . " C'est toi qui l'a trouvé , n'est-ce pas ? "" Oui , " dit Harry . Puis , sentant qu'il était inutile de prétendre qu'il n'avait pas entendu ce qu...

Casquette Hermes

started by subsequent1 subsequent1 on 16 Jan 14 no follow-up yet
escaping1 escaping1

tout. besace longchamp - 0 views

CléanteActe II L'avare Comment diable ! quel Juif, quel Arabe est.ce là C'est plus qu'au denier quatre. La Flèche Il est vrai ; c'est ce que j'ai dit. solde longchampsVous avez à voir là.dessus.Clé...

besace longchamp

started by escaping1 escaping1 on 07 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
escaping1 escaping1

Nike Free Run homme Des archives - 0 views

Dommage que sa pâtisserie soit victime de cette affaire», dit-il.Au centre-ville, d'autres boulangeries ont déjà accroché une petite enseigne «roses du Prophète» à côté des gâteaux, en attendant de...

Basket Ralph Lauren Nike Free Run homme Run+ 2

started by escaping1 escaping1 on 24 Jun 14 no follow-up yet
escaping1 escaping1

vetement lacoste pas cher homme Pour - 0 views

Hélas! il eût mieux valu pour moi être renvoyé tout de suite. Ma vie dans le collège était devenue impossible. Les enfants ne m'écoutaient plus ; au moindre mot, ils me menaçaient de faire comme Bo...

vetement lacoste pas cher homme ligne

started by escaping1 escaping1 on 11 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
medium1 medium1

moment . Polo G-Star - 0 views

L'arrivée des Détraqueurs à Little Whinging semblait avoir enfreint le grand, mur invisible qui a divisé le monde sans relâche non - magique de Privet Drive et le monde au-delà . Deux vies de Harry...

Polo G-Star

started by medium1 medium1 on 07 Jan 14 no follow-up yet
abie christian

Instant Cash Loans- Get Advance money within the Same Day - 0 views

To apply for instant cash loans you will just require to fill in a short application form with the necessary details and submit it. No lengthy paperwork and no standing in long queues are some of t...

started by abie christian on 18 Feb 15 no follow-up yet
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