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Fabien Cadet

The Ideal HPC Programming Language - ACM Queue - 2 views

    What if programming did not mean having to learn a language someone else devised and then wrestling with the limitations of that language, its compilers, and computers to implement your task? What if it meant, in a sense, the opposite? You could write your program in whatever way was most expressive for you, without regard for language rules imposed by someone else. Then it would be somebody else's job to define the programming language that would make sense of what you wrote, write the compilers to digest the program, and build the computers that would efficiently run the task you specified.
Joel Bennett

Dryad and DryadLINQ | Microsoft Connect - 0 views

    DryadLINQ is a Microsoft Research project, which aims to make distributed computing on clusters of computers simple enough for all programmers. DryadLINQ combines another Microsoft Research technology, Dryad, with the familiar LINQ technology from the Microsoft .NET framework.
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