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alex gross

5 Great IDEs to Start Coding in the Cloud | Web.AppStorm - 5 views

    Cloud computing has started proceeding beyond the hype stage and into the beginning of mainstream adoption. Gartner had included cloud computing in their list of Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2009. In this roundup, we will review some online Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) which are great examples of cloud programming. These solutions can [nearly] replace your desktop IDEs and code editors.
Traveller Spice

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing - 0 views

    The feature-complete release of the Windows Azure Platform enables developers to easily build or migrate applications to the cloud. The newly announced Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure Platform enables you to use existing technology to improve scalability and performance in complex applications without having to learn a new skill set.  Get started by downloading the free Windows Azure Platform training kit.
Fabien Cadet

Twitter to open source Hadoop-like tool - Cloud Computing News, 2011-08-04 by Stacey Higginbotham - 2 views

    « Attention webscale aficionados, Twitter says it is planning to open source Storm, its Hadoop-like real-time data processing tool. In a blog post Thursday, the microblogging network said it plans to release the Storm code on Sept. 19 at the Strange Loop event in St. Louis, Mo. »
Zulkarnain K.

JGate - Cloud Computing - 3 views

    JGate provides free AppJet hosting. AppJet is a proven technology stack that includes Rhino, Cloudscape/Derby, Jetty, Lucene, Comet, Processing, JQuery, XMLRPC and JSON. Programmers use it to produce server-powered, highly interactive web applications in a fraction of the time normally needed.
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