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Fabien Cadet

[Q&A] BPMN's advantages over other modeling methods ? - BPM Research Forums, 2006-08-13 - 1 views

  • On the other hand, BPMN has been designed with the aim of being a notation for high-level modeling.
  • BPMN models are not intended to be directly executed. They need to be refined (e.g. into BPEL processes) prior to execution.
  • At the most, BPMN might be used to generate "templates of BPEL code" that developers will have to refine to obtain a running implementation.
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  • In fact, one could safely bet that a lot of people will define BPMN models for the pure purpose of documenting business processes, and not for the purpose of developing software. Many BPMN models will never be executed or lead to any piece of software. They'll just be used as part of a methodology for business improvement.

yUML beta - 3 views

    Create UML diagrams online in seconds, no special tools needed.
Joel Bennett - 17 views

    Create sequence diagrams in seconds from text descriptions
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Fabien Cadet

UML Jokes (.com) - 5 views

shared by Fabien Cadet on 13 Jan 10 - Cached
anonymous - 3 views

    Club des décideurs et professionnels en Informatique.
Joel Bennett

NClass - Free UML Class Designer - 0 views

    NClass is a free, UML-based class diagram editor with full C# and Java language support. Written in C# on Mono ...
Adildi ldinlio

Convergent Architecture Building Model-Driven J2EE Systems with UML|free ebooks download - 0 views

    Convergent Architecture Building Model-Driven J2EE Systems with UML free download at the ebst library for free ebooks download.
Dave Cowens

Software development magazine: UML, Agile, programming, testing, project management, jobs - 0 views

    Free magazine providing practical knowledge for the software developer, tester and project manager
Vladimír Dědek - 0 views

    ebooks in pdf or chm format
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