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David Corking

Dr. Dobb's Update : Editor's Note What's One More Operating System, More or Less? - 0 views

  • In this regard, SymbianOS may have a leg up on Apple's App Store and even Nokia's Ovi Store, in that the "Symbian Application Inventory" will be free for developers. That's what you call "incentive," but is it enough?
    • David Corking
      Before it attracts app developers, it has to attract hardware integrators. There is plenty of hardware out there, but isn't this selling in far lower volumes than Linux or the proprietary smartphone OSes. As far as I can tell, it has attention from the biggest smartphone integrator of them all: Nokia, who, as far as I can tell, uses it in the best selling N95 family. This ratchets up the competion with Apple and RIM another notch.
    This Symbian system (aka Psion and Nokia S60) was well loved for its well though out personal organizer or PIM applications. Now, smartphone users seems more interested in e-mail, music and games. I am interested to see if Symbian OS still has a profitable niche. Symbian is a market leader in the new market.
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