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Fabien Cadet

The truth about REST, 2011-04-11 by Ian Elliot @ - 7 views

    "[...] If you are a programmer in a hurry and just catch part of the conversation you might well decided that REST is trivial and fairly obvious - just use URLs to code remote procedure calls. This is 80% of REST but the remaining 20% is important and it is all a matter of how you organise the remote procedure calls. [...] If you take the "URLs are remote procedure calls" approach to web apps then you are free to invent as many commands or verbs as you like."
Joel Bennett

Apache Thrift - 2 views

    Thrift is a software framework for scalable cross-language services development. It combines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently and seamlessly between C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C#, Cocoa, Smalltalk, and OCaml.
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