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Fabien Cadet

Dégage, sale programmeur ! « Codingly - 0 views

    This article is in french, sorry for that but I could find no relevant group to share this. Briefly it talks about how programmers (those who actually code) are perceived here in France: As guys dwelling the bottom of the hierarchy, whom only ambition *should be* to become lead progr. or better (architect, project lead, ...). i.e. programmer is not really seen as a career.
    A brief translation of the intro.: « Yes, being a programmer when you're 30+ yo in France is worst than being a 40+ yo cashier. Most of the people who spend 90% of their time programming will try to be perceived as R&D engineers, project lead, solution architect, consultant, etc.. The best, when you're a poor contractor of an "software engineering company", in mission for a banque, et that you spend you days coding, is telling people that you are Engineer in finance. »
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