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Oracle RAC Training - 0 views

    Sky Infotech Oracle Database 10g: Real Application Clusters (RAC) for Administrators training course increases the professional's efficiency in installing and administering Oracle Database for Oracle RAC. This training develops the skills to configure and use Database services for workloads management and high availability of applications in RAC environment. The participants will also explore the capabilities of Automatic Storage Management.
Pinhopes Job Site

Online hiring challenges | Ways to tackle jobs | Pinhopes - 0 views

    Today employers face multiple challenges with traditional online hiring portals such as:

    ü  Escalating cost of accessing candidates database which is largely unused

    ü  Time-consuming candidate search and review process

    ü  Hard to zero-in on the right resource

    ü  Limited branding options

    Needless to say, all the above factors slow hiring online which delays bringing candidates on-board. To help employers tackle these online recruitment problems, Pinhopes - a new-age online hiring destination, has introduced innovative profile filtering features, video based online hiring process, multiple branding avenues combined with cost-effective payment option. Here are the key differentiators which help employers hire 3x faster:

    Get relevant applications from interested candidates - Every time

    Unlike existing online recruitment portals Pinhopes doesn't deal in database business which means employers are not required to search for right candidates, in a database which is largely unused. Instead employers get relevant applications directly from active job seekers for a job opening, without putting much effort.

    No tedious candidate search process - Advanced built-in search bubbles best ta
Clif Mims

blist - 0 views

    Consumers and knowledge workers now have the power of a relational database, combined with a user interface that is easier than a spreadsheet. Sharing blists online is simple.
Jenny Davis

OER Commons: Open Educational Resources - 8 views

    OER Commons is all about sharing open educational resources. Subject areas include: Arts, Business, Humanities, Mathematics & Statistics, Science & Technology and Social Sciences. Over 16 different types of course materials are provided. You can search OER Commons by subject area, grade level, material type, media format and conditions of use or by selecting a relevant tag.
    The Internet is rich with open educational resources that both educators and students might want to use. However, finding those resources is often time-consuming. The OER Commons website was created to help educators, students, and lifelong learners find Open Educational Resources that are already posted somewhere on the Internet. OER Commons is not a search engine (like Google) and it is not a list of links. This site is a structured database of links to high-quality resources found on other websites. OER Commons provides a single point of access through which educators, students, and all learners can search,browse, evaluate, and discuss over 30,000 high-quality OER.
Barbara Lindsey

The Fourth Estate: Web2.0 - The Hard Act To Follow - 1 views

  • Facebook has become the Outlook and webmail client for an increasing number of people, especially kids.
  • he World Wide Web as World Wide Database. Rather than simply sharing links to documents, the next generation web will be about accessing the implicit data. In Kelly's view, every object we manufacture will have a sliver of intelligence in it. The entire world and everything in it will go into a globally connected Database of things, that is then shared and linked. We won't worry about how different devices operate or access content. They will all be windows into the same universal network.
  • Cloud computing, massive scale driven platforms, semantic webs, ubiquitous mobile devices, augmented reality - its a tall order - even for 6500 days. And if you find all of that a hard cocktail to envision, don't be surprised. As Kelly himself acknowledged, when he started Wired magazine in the nineties he expected the Web to be TV, just better. This time he's sure of one thing. Whatever comes next won't be the Web, only better.
Rhondda Powling

KidRex - Kid Safe Search - 0 views

    A kid-safe search engine powered by Google custom search. It uses a combination of Googles safe search mode and their own database of restricted elements. It also has a site removal request form if something does get past the filters
Kay Cunningham - The Central File Extensions Registry - 6 views

    ' contains a searchable database of thousands of file extensions with detailed information about the associated file types. You can use to lookup information about unknown file types and find programs that open the files.'
nick k

Playing History - 1 views

    "There are tons of free historical games, interactives and simulations on the web. Playing history aggregates info on these resources in a simple, searchable database making it easy to find, rate, and review historical games. There are currently 130 shared games. "
Soniya Patel

Zencart Development Projects - 0 views

    Zen cart is the most flexible, effective, user friendly yet a very powerful open source shopping cart program today. It is one of the most rewarding ecommerce system that uses MySQL database, PHP-based and HTML components. It provides a good support for multiple languages as well as currencies. Under the GNU General Public License, Zen carts are available free.
Kay Cunningham

Databases: Library of Congress Electronic Resources Online Catalog - 11 views

    ERM public interface at the Library of Congress
Admission Times

Download 5000 University Prospectuses of the World - 0 views

    Download prospectuses of universities and colleges across the world. Admission Times has the world largest university database and all the prospectuses are free to download. Admission Times expert advice will help you finding the right course, right university and the right career path. Discover universities across the world and share this page across your friends.
rack bank

Dedicated Server Hosting in India - 0 views

    Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions support a wide range of dedicated workloads which requires a high performance like remote desktop, dedicated email servers, virtualization, high volume real time database applications and telephony. Rackbank offer dedicated server with the configurations which perfectly suits your business requirement.
Dianne Rees

Genetics | The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program - 0 views

    Resources on genetics and fossils from the Smithsonian; useful for database-enhanced learning (DEL) projects
Clif Mims

Wufoo: Online Form Builder - 25 views

    Create Web Forms & Surveys
Teresa Pombo

VoiceThread - Digital Library - 28 views

  • The Digital Library is a database of articles about successful VoiceThread projects. Our hope is to create a resource that offers guidance and inspiration for people undertaking new projects. Please contribute a VoiceThread to help the Digital Library grow.
Dennis OConnor

Martin Dougiamas Keynote at Moodlemoot Canada | Some Random Thoughts - 13 views

  • Martin Dougiamas presented the keynote at the Canadian Moodlemoot in Edmonton.
  • Martin updated us with the current stats on Moodle 54,000 verified sites worldwide. 41 Million users 97 language packs (17 fully complete, the rest are in various states) 54 Moodle Partners who fund the project and its going very well ensuring the project will continue into the future. (such as Remote-Learner who I work for) USA still has the highest raw number of installations and Spain has half of that with much less population. Brazil is now 3rd in the world and has overtaken the UK now in total installs. 3 of the top 10 are English speaking per head of population, Portugal has the largest number of Moodle installations.
  •  ”a lot of people find that giving students the ability to teach is a valuable learning process” – Martin Dougiamas.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • As many may have seen before, there are 10 steps of pedagogical usage of Moodle, which is outlined on Moodle Docs. It details the typical 10 step progression which looks like: Putting up the handouts (Resources, SCORM) Providing a passive Forum (unfacilitated) Using Quizzes and Assignments (less management) Using the Wiki, Glossary and Database tools (interactive content) Facilitate discussions in Forums, asking questions, guiding Combining activities into sequences, where results feed later activities Introduce external activities and games (internet resources) Using the Survey module to study and reflect on course activity Using peer-review modules like Workshop, giving students more control over grading and even structuring the course in some ways Conducting active research on oneself, sharing ideas in a community of peers
  • A lot of people want that secure private place in the LMS with big gates, with students needing to gain competencies and knowledge.  Many people really want this “Content Pump” focus, becuase it is what they need. Others use it as a community of practitioners, connected activities, content created by students and teachers alike and many methods of assessment. These are the two ends of the spectrum of usage.
  • Moodle has two roles: to be progressive and integrate with things coming up, and a drag and drop UI, with innovate workflows and improve media handling and mobile platforms to be conservative and improve  security and usability and assessment , accredition, detailed management tracking and reports and performance and stability
  • Since Moodle 1.9 came out three years ago,  March 2008 and most are still using the three year old code which has had fixes applied since then (1.9.11 is the current release.) The support for 1.9 will continue until the middle of 2012 as it is understood that it will be a big move to Moodle2.   “If you are going to Moodle2, you may as well go to Moodle 2.1 as it is better with 6 months more work” .
  • However, the ongoing support for each release will be 1 yr moving to the future. Moodle will be released every 6 months which enables the organisations to plan their upgrade times ahead of time.
  • What will be in Moodle 2.1? Performance Restore 1.9 backups Quiz/question refactor Page course format Interface polishing Official Mobile app (there now is a Mobile division)
  • HQ are working on an official app which uses Moodle 2 built-in web services. This provides a secure access to the data in Moodle 2 for people who have accounts in Moodle which greatly benefits mobile apps.
  • Moodle HQ has looked at what is Mobile really good at and identified them one by one and implemented them.  This includes messaging, list of participants in your course, marking attendence (in class roll call). This will be for the iPhone first and then someone will make it for Android so it will lag behind, but will be the same.
  • What is going to happen in 2.2 and beyond?
  • Grading and Rubrics Competency Tracking (from activity level, course level, outside courses to generate a competency profile) Assignment (planning to combine all 4 into one type and simplify it) Forum (big upgrade probably based on OU Forum) Survey (to include feedback/questionnaire – being rewritten currently) Lesson Scorm 2 Improved reporting IMS LTI IMS CC (although it is in 1.9 needs to be redone)
    An important overview for any one using Moodle, especially useful for those contemplating an upgrade to 2.0 .  (I'll make the move when we have 2.1 or 2.2.)  

BFSI Security Market to Grow with Interesting CAGR of 13.39% 2016 and Forecast to 2020 - 0 views

    Friday, June 17th, 2016 - WiseGuyReports Complete report at BFSI Security Summery Wiseguyreports.Com Adds "BFSI Security -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, and Forecast, 2016 - 2020 " To Its Research Database. Cyber security solutions help organizations maintain data confidentiality by monitoring, detecting, reporting, and countering cyber threats.
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