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Reasons why React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development - TI Technologies - 0 views

    As the world of mobile apps is expanding beyond comprehension, demand for better and faster apps shoot up. We need applications that perform easily, have a magnificent look, simple to create, and can be implemented rapidly. All these necessities are difficult to satisfy as high performance, related to native apps, set aside enough time for the advancement. Then again, faster deployment, related with cross-platform applications, trade-off, no less than a bit, on performance. Therefore, aching for better languages, tools that help top-notch hybrid apps development, and frameworks keep developers on their toes. One such resolution, which quickly changing the universe of versatile applications is Facebook's React Native. It is a JavaScript library to assemble a UI that enables you to make versatile mobile applications and work easily as native apps. It even gives you a chance to reuse the code over the web and mobile platforms. You don't have to develop for Android and iOS, independently, as one code is sufficient for both the platforms, saving money and time. Let's look at some reasons that point towards React Native taking the center stage in the future. Supports Both iOS & Android - 'Supportive' Because of the two different operating systems which are majorly being used by the customers across the world, the primary challenge for the mobile app development companies is to choose one ahead of the other. But Facebook made it easy by introducing React Native. It supports both iOS and Android making it convenient for the app developers to use the same code for both the platforms without writing it from the scratch. Reusability for better development What makes us to state that REACTS is the eventual fate of application development? It is the reusability of the components. You don't have the Web view components anymore for hybrid apps with React native. The essential code for this framework will easily be reused within the native apps, and you'll easily compile it
Warren K Gurrero

40 Top Most Installed And Most Downloaded Android Apps[MUST HAVE] - 0 views

    Collection of Top 40 most downloaded Android Apps By Android Users Across The World. Top 10 BEST Android Apps 2012 which you must have in your Android mobile.
Evanta Technologies

Android Online Training In Hyderabad |Android Courses Online | Evanta Technologies - 0 views

    Android Training provides a collection of classes that aim to help you build great apps for Android. Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem or implement a feature using code snippets and sample code for you to use in your apps.

android course in chandigarh - 0 views

    Best Android training in Chandigarh, Mohali. Android is considered to be the largest mobile applications platform. Android is becoming one of Biggest market

Mobile App Development In Australia: Android App Development Companies In Australia - 0 views

    Smartphones are in all places, and they are utilized by way of of persons thousands of period on a everyday base to seek out, analysis and speak to businesses or brands similar to yours. Having a android app developers in Australia and abilities buyers will down load to their cellphone aid you keep related to those present and future purchasers. android apps will aid you promote new product, show discount coupons, gather main consumer option stats, or provide entertainment the entire approach via games. Though no longer easily any software can do: it must have an fine consumer abilities interface with thoughtful programming and a rigorous checking out system.
Google Chrome 2019

Google Chrome 2019 APK Download for Android - Google Chrome 2019 - 0 views

    Google Chrome 2019 browser for Android by hand, you require an APK from your Android web browser. We provide Google Chrome APK for download and clarify exactly how installment functions.

Bangla Android Tutorial, Bangla Tips - 0 views

    Bangladeshi Biggest and largest Technology Website for every blogger visit this BD Android Tutorial for learn in, Seo Bangla Tutorial, Web Design Bangla, Blogger Bangla Tutorial, Android Bangla Tutorial, Facebook Bangla Tutorial, Youtube Bangla Ttutorial, Wordpress Bangla Tutorial, And More Bangla Tutorial, In Bangladesh
Moses Aaron

Top 8 Android Locker Applications That Ensure Security of Your Data - MobileTechforce - 0 views

    If you wanted to download the best Android locker applications, you can go through this blog as it has a complete list of locker applications that are rich in terms of features, functionalities and performance. You can also share your own views and let us know if we have missed any app!

Android Tips and Tricks:Increase Speed of your Android Device - 0 views

    Getting another gadget like cell phone or tablet is continually energizing and like each new gadget it works easily running all the errands without any glitch. However as the time passes the gadget begins to get hanged every now and again or it gets to be extensively abate.
keerthi reddy

Andorid Online Training Hyderabad | Andorid Online Course - 0 views

    Android is an open source platform for creating enterprise and powerful development framework. Android online training provided by onlineitguru from past 7+ years.

How To Install Custom Rom In Bangla. যেভাবে কাষ্টম রম ইনস্টল করবেন - 0 views

    কাস্টম রম সম্পর্কে হয়তবা অনেকের ধারণা আছে এবং অনেকের কাস্টম রম সম্পর্কে ধারণা নেই তাই যাদের ধারণা নেই তাদের জন্য পুরোপুরি পোস্টটি পড়ার অনুরোধ রইল….!!! কাস্টম রম কিঃ কাস্টম রম ইন্সটল করার আগে প্রথমে আমাদের জানতে হবে এই কাস্টম রম কি.?? উত্তরঃ কাস্টম রমের আলোচনায় চলে আসছে "ROM" কথাটি, তাহলে এই রমটা কি.? এই রম হচ্ছে আমাদের এন্ড্রয়েড ফোনের সফটওয়্যার যেটি আমাদের android mobile কে সচল রাখে, এবং সব রকম কাজ সম্পন্ন করে থাকে । "কাস্টম" শব্দটির অর্থ হচ্ছে পদ্ধতি । সাধারনত আমরা জানি "ROM"= Read Only Memory অর্থাৎ এন্ড্রয়েড মোবাইলের Internal Memory যেখানে মোবাইলের Firmware বা Apps গুলো জমা হয়ে থাকে। তাহলে নতুন কোন পদ্ধতিতে অন্য কোন এন্ড্রয়েড মোবাইলের রম বা সফটওয়্যার কাস্টমাইজ করে আমাদের এন্ড্রয়েড ফোনের জন্য উপযোগী সফটওয়্যার তৈরি করার প্রক্রিয়ায় হচ্ছে custom rom।

PicsArt for Pc,Laptop Download-PicsArt apk for Windows 10,7,8/8.1 - 0 views

    Download & Install Picsart for Pc : Have you ever think a simple android app can retouch your images with extraordinary effects. PicsArt is an android/ios/windows app which retouches your photos as you edit with or Adobe Photoshop and the most interesting thing with Picsart photo editing app is that it offers professional photo editing software tools, filters, effects, options to edit your photos.
paresh sagar

Google I/O 2017 Highlights - 0 views

    Google's annual 11th I/O conference introduced several new updates for Google Assistance, Google Home, Virtual Reality and Android.


    The cross-platform app development is seemingly becoming popular as the stratum of competition is surpassing higher up the order. What's more, without any doubt, React Native has been distinguished as the most preferred cross-platform solution for the creation of both iOS and Android apps respectively. With React Native, you can work on two distinctive Operating Systems utilizing a single platform. React Native likewise demonstrates supportive in building attractive User Interfaces, which can't be recognized from a native app. The React Native might be a popular choice, however, it isn't the best decision as it has a few disadvantages also. Therefore, we would be highlighting the major advantages and disadvantages of the React Native, with the goal that you can a thought when to utilize the platform and when to maintain a strategic distance from it. Advantages of React Native Known for Optimal Performance Obviously, React Native is a genuine resource when it comes to enhancing the performances through native control and modules. The React Native gets associated with the native components for both the Operating Systems and generates a code to the native APIs upfront and freely. Presently the performance enhances because of the way that it makes utilization of a different thread from the native APIs and UI. Large Community of Developers The Fact that React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform where every developer is allowed to contribute to the framework and it's effectively accessible to all. In this way, you can take full advantage of the community-driven technology. The support of a large community is likewise valuable as it enables you to share your portfolios and experiences so that you can go for better coding. There is one platform GitHub React Native Community, which urges the developers to share their experiences at whenever point they learning something new about the React Native. They likewise get the feedback and reviews on the same establishi
Peter DiFalco

Gale Mobile Applications - 0 views

    Using your college e-mail address, AccessMyLibraryCollege gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to your college library's Gale online resources.
Barbara Lindsey

What's Next After Web 2.0? - 0 views

  • Mark Johnson, Powerset/Microsoft Program Manager, commented that "the next era of the Web will represent greater understanding of computers." He went on to suggest that "if Web 1.0 was about Read and Web 2.0 was about Read/Write, then Web 3.0 should be about Read/Write/Understand." Specifically he said that "a computer that can understand should be able to: find us information that we care about better (e.g., smart news alerts), make intelligent recommendations for us (e.g., implicit recommendations based on our reading/surfing/buying behavior), aggregate and simplify information. . . and probably lots of other things that we haven't yet imagined, since our computers are still pretty dumb."
  • Aziz Poonawalla said "folksonomy, leveraged en masse, could render algorithmic search obsolete. you get Semantic web almost for free."
  • Education is one area ripe for Web innovation. Harley of WorldLearningTree recently submitted his suggestions on how to revolutionalize online education to Google's "Project10ToThe100" contest.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Sandra Foyt is looking for a "better learning/connecting hub". She elaborates: "I want a command center where it's easy to share all kinds of digital media, while being able to chat or microblog. An all in one home base, with Twitter/Flock/Ning/Wiki/Flickr/YouTube elements."
  • Jorge Escobar said that the next era will be "Web Real World" - by which he meant "offline activities driven by web services (geoloc, mobile, niche)".
  • Two trends of the current era are the increasing internationalization of the Web and mobile products like iPhone and Android becoming more prominent. It almost goes without saying that both of these things will become more prevelant over the coming years - and indeed both depend on the other...
  • The jury is still out on whether web 2.0 has officially ended. Of course the Web is iterative and so version numbers don't really mean anything. But even so we may see more of a focus on 'real world' problems from now on and a move away from consumer apps as the primary focus.
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program: mLearning: Using Mobile Technologies to Enhance Learning - 0 views

  • Fundamental to the modern definition of mlearning is that it is the learner/learning that is mobile, not the device. In-depth analysis of mobile learning research, trends, instructional strategies, curriculum integration, professional development, and on-the-job training using handheld technology such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and smartphones.
    This is a terrific class taught by author and online educator Ann Bell. Cutting Edge!
Dennis OConnor

Martin Dougiamas Keynote at Moodlemoot Canada | Some Random Thoughts - 13 views

  • Martin Dougiamas presented the keynote at the Canadian Moodlemoot in Edmonton.
  • Martin updated us with the current stats on Moodle 54,000 verified sites worldwide. 41 Million users 97 language packs (17 fully complete, the rest are in various states) 54 Moodle Partners who fund the project and its going very well ensuring the project will continue into the future. (such as Remote-Learner who I work for) USA still has the highest raw number of installations and Spain has half of that with much less population. Brazil is now 3rd in the world and has overtaken the UK now in total installs. 3 of the top 10 are English speaking per head of population, Portugal has the largest number of Moodle installations.
  •  ”a lot of people find that giving students the ability to teach is a valuable learning process” – Martin Dougiamas.
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  • As many may have seen before, there are 10 steps of pedagogical usage of Moodle, which is outlined on Moodle Docs. It details the typical 10 step progression which looks like: Putting up the handouts (Resources, SCORM) Providing a passive Forum (unfacilitated) Using Quizzes and Assignments (less management) Using the Wiki, Glossary and Database tools (interactive content) Facilitate discussions in Forums, asking questions, guiding Combining activities into sequences, where results feed later activities Introduce external activities and games (internet resources) Using the Survey module to study and reflect on course activity Using peer-review modules like Workshop, giving students more control over grading and even structuring the course in some ways Conducting active research on oneself, sharing ideas in a community of peers
  • A lot of people want that secure private place in the LMS with big gates, with students needing to gain competencies and knowledge.  Many people really want this “Content Pump” focus, becuase it is what they need. Others use it as a community of practitioners, connected activities, content created by students and teachers alike and many methods of assessment. These are the two ends of the spectrum of usage.
  • Moodle has two roles: to be progressive and integrate with things coming up, and a drag and drop UI, with innovate workflows and improve media handling and mobile platforms to be conservative and improve  security and usability and assessment , accredition, detailed management tracking and reports and performance and stability
  • Since Moodle 1.9 came out three years ago,  March 2008 and most are still using the three year old code which has had fixes applied since then (1.9.11 is the current release.) The support for 1.9 will continue until the middle of 2012 as it is understood that it will be a big move to Moodle2.   “If you are going to Moodle2, you may as well go to Moodle 2.1 as it is better with 6 months more work” .
  • However, the ongoing support for each release will be 1 yr moving to the future. Moodle will be released every 6 months which enables the organisations to plan their upgrade times ahead of time.
  • What will be in Moodle 2.1? Performance Restore 1.9 backups Quiz/question refactor Page course format Interface polishing Official Mobile app (there now is a Mobile division)
  • HQ are working on an official app which uses Moodle 2 built-in web services. This provides a secure access to the data in Moodle 2 for people who have accounts in Moodle which greatly benefits mobile apps.
  • Moodle HQ has looked at what is Mobile really good at and identified them one by one and implemented them.  This includes messaging, list of participants in your course, marking attendence (in class roll call). This will be for the iPhone first and then someone will make it for Android so it will lag behind, but will be the same.
  • What is going to happen in 2.2 and beyond?
  • Grading and Rubrics Competency Tracking (from activity level, course level, outside courses to generate a competency profile) Assignment (planning to combine all 4 into one type and simplify it) Forum (big upgrade probably based on OU Forum) Survey (to include feedback/questionnaire – being rewritten currently) Lesson Scorm 2 Improved reporting IMS LTI IMS CC (although it is in 1.9 needs to be redone)
    An important overview for any one using Moodle, especially useful for those contemplating an upgrade to 2.0 .  (I'll make the move when we have 2.1 or 2.2.)  
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