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Abhinav Outsourcings

Get Canada PR from India for a life of comfort - 0 views

    Want to move to Canada to not just to visit but to become a permanent resident in a country which has welcomed skilled workers as well as businessmen with open arms. That is how you get treated when you get your Canada PR from India. Many Indians who have dreams of making it big have made Canada their most favoured location when it comes to moving to an overseas destination along with their families.
Dennis OConnor

Martin Dougiamas Keynote at Moodlemoot Canada | Some Random Thoughts - 13 views

  • Martin Dougiamas presented the keynote at the Canadian Moodlemoot in Edmonton.
  • Martin updated us with the current stats on Moodle 54,000 verified sites worldwide. 41 Million users 97 language packs (17 fully complete, the rest are in various states) 54 Moodle Partners who fund the project and its going very well ensuring the project will continue into the future. (such as Remote-Learner who I work for) USA still has the highest raw number of installations and Spain has half of that with much less population. Brazil is now 3rd in the world and has overtaken the UK now in total installs. 3 of the top 10 are English speaking per head of population, Portugal has the largest number of Moodle installations.
  •  ”a lot of people find that giving students the ability to teach is a valuable learning process” – Martin Dougiamas.
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  • As many may have seen before, there are 10 steps of pedagogical usage of Moodle, which is outlined on Moodle Docs. It details the typical 10 step progression which looks like: Putting up the handouts (Resources, SCORM) Providing a passive Forum (unfacilitated) Using Quizzes and Assignments (less management) Using the Wiki, Glossary and Database tools (interactive content) Facilitate discussions in Forums, asking questions, guiding Combining activities into sequences, where results feed later activities Introduce external activities and games (internet resources) Using the Survey module to study and reflect on course activity Using peer-review modules like Workshop, giving students more control over grading and even structuring the course in some ways Conducting active research on oneself, sharing ideas in a community of peers
  • A lot of people want that secure private place in the LMS with big gates, with students needing to gain competencies and knowledge.  Many people really want this “Content Pump” focus, becuase it is what they need. Others use it as a community of practitioners, connected activities, content created by students and teachers alike and many methods of assessment. These are the two ends of the spectrum of usage.
  • Moodle has two roles: to be progressive and integrate with things coming up, and a drag and drop UI, with innovate workflows and improve media handling and mobile platforms to be conservative and improve  security and usability and assessment , accredition, detailed management tracking and reports and performance and stability
  • Since Moodle 1.9 came out three years ago,  March 2008 and most are still using the three year old code which has had fixes applied since then (1.9.11 is the current release.) The support for 1.9 will continue until the middle of 2012 as it is understood that it will be a big move to Moodle2.   “If you are going to Moodle2, you may as well go to Moodle 2.1 as it is better with 6 months more work” .
  • However, the ongoing support for each release will be 1 yr moving to the future. Moodle will be released every 6 months which enables the organisations to plan their upgrade times ahead of time.
  • What will be in Moodle 2.1? Performance Restore 1.9 backups Quiz/question refactor Page course format Interface polishing Official Mobile app (there now is a Mobile division)
  • HQ are working on an official app which uses Moodle 2 built-in web services. This provides a secure access to the data in Moodle 2 for people who have accounts in Moodle which greatly benefits mobile apps.
  • Moodle HQ has looked at what is Mobile really good at and identified them one by one and implemented them.  This includes messaging, list of participants in your course, marking attendence (in class roll call). This will be for the iPhone first and then someone will make it for Android so it will lag behind, but will be the same.
  • What is going to happen in 2.2 and beyond?
  • Grading and Rubrics Competency Tracking (from activity level, course level, outside courses to generate a competency profile) Assignment (planning to combine all 4 into one type and simplify it) Forum (big upgrade probably based on OU Forum) Survey (to include feedback/questionnaire – being rewritten currently) Lesson Scorm 2 Improved reporting IMS LTI IMS CC (although it is in 1.9 needs to be redone)
    An important overview for any one using Moodle, especially useful for those contemplating an upgrade to 2.0 .  (I'll make the move when we have 2.1 or 2.2.)  

How to Find That Auto Mechanic You Can Trust - Auto Mechanic Services in USA - 0 views

    A good mechanic does more than simply keep your engine running. Before even thinking about leaving your prized automobile with a mechanic, it's important that you do some research on them ahead of time. However, finding a worthy mechanic is going to take a lot more than simply searching around Google. Various factors go into finding a reliable mechanic; including whether you require maintenance or a full blown repair. Where you live, their location and availability also need to be taken into account. Continue reading if you wish to know more about factors on finding a reliable mechanic in Brevard County, Florida: Auto Mechanic Services in USA Trust Trust is the foundation of every long-lasting relationship, including one with your auto mechanic. If you're afraid of your mechanic has been lying to you just to gain a quick buck, then it's time to find a new one. However, not all service professionals are out to scam you. This is why it's important to develop a close relationship with them from day one. Choosing an Service Provider Finding a qualified auto service provider isn't as easy as it may seem. Sure, many have claimed to be the best but when it comes down to it, many are not. Skilled service professionals are usually in high demand, which means they probably have a slew of positive online reviews. Auto Mechanic Services in USA Check out AAA for both positive negative reviews. In addition, inquire whether your current mechanic or any potentially new service providers are active members. If not, you may want to continue your search. Would you really want to work with a mechanic who doesn't provide roadside assistance? Online Search Does anyone even own a phone book anymore? Busy schedules demand fast results. Start your search in Space Coast, Florida online with U'GO Pros. Simply download the U'GO Pros app or head over to and enter your search query. You can request quotes, send photos if necessary and book your appointment
Abhinav Outsourcings

Figure Canada Express Entry Points Break-up, Plan Your Move! - 0 views

    Check the piece and you shall learn about the Express Entry Points break-up. Use the information shared to plan your move!
Abhinav Outsourcings

Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator Explained in a Nutshell - 0 views

    Moving to a Canada, is like moving to a place where opportunities and high standard of living go hand in hand by applying for the Canada PR Visa. And, immigrants are the best beneficiary of that, as for them, if it comes to overseas immigrant destinations then there is no other place than Canada that has the most multicultural and diverse migrants permanently settled here.
Hanna Wiszniewska

Pop!Casts - 0 views

  • New. Portable. World changing. Now you can take the energy and inspiration that is Pop!Tech with you anywhere. Pop!Casts let you join the conversation and engage in the extraordinary work that had its start in Camden, Maine. Are you ready to accept the challenges issued by the thinkers and innovators who move Pop!Tech audiences, year after year? There’s an easy way to find out:
    "New. Portable. World changing. Now you can take the energy and inspiration that is Pop!Tech with you anywhere. Pop!Casts let you join the conversation and engage in the extraordinary work that had its start in Camden, Maine. Are you ready to accept the challenges issued by the thinkers and innovators who move Pop!Tech audiences, year after year? There's an easy way to find out" - fantastic page with tech connected podcasts. Woth recommending!
Abhinav Outsourcings

Migrate to Australia via the latest round of Canberra Matrix Invitations - 0 views

    Moving to Australia is a step you can take, if employment opportunities and a first-class standard of living entices you, because the nation gives you all the right pathways and avenues that help you take your career in the right direction.
Abhinav Outsourcings

Australia PR Point System 2020- What Skilled Migrants Should Expect - 0 views

    If you are a skilled worker with plans of moving to Australia in near future, then gathering some knowledge related to Australia PR point system will surely benefit you. Immigration to Australia can only be possible if you claim the minimum eligibility points based on factors such as, education, work experience, age, language skills, etc.
Abhinav Outsourcings

Have a good look at Australia Family Visa - 0 views

    When you move to Australia for employment opportunities or for even for discovering a high standard of living there is a time when you miss your family that you have left back at home. Which is why the country has gone ahead to announce their own Australia family visa.
Abhinav Outsourcings

Follow a Canada Express Entry Process for a Successful Immigration - 0 views

    When you decide to move to Canada as a skilled worker, student or a businessman you need to know the pathway which will help you secure an easy access without much complications. One such popular pathway is through following the Canada Express Entry Process.
Abhinav Outsourcings

Is a job guaranteed after you get a Canadian PR? - 0 views

    Many people who move to Canada feel their problems will vanish once they enter this country. That is is an incorrect assumption.
Abhinav Outsourcings

The best bet for a nomination is the Nova Scotia PNP - 0 views

    If you are thinking of moving to Canada the Nova Scotia PNP program is one of the keenest ways to immigrate to one of the most culturally and economically varied region that comes in to Canada. You will be nominated according to your occupation or if you meet the eligibility requirement of the NSNP stream, making it simpler for you to choose the profession of your liking.
Abhinav Outsourcings

How to migrate to Australia from India - 0 views

    How to get migrate to Australia from India? Apply through Abhinav Immigration, we are most reliable consultancy helping in moving to Australia.
Abhinav Outsourcings

How moving to Saskatchewan becomes easy with SINP Points Calculator - 0 views

    If you are interested in applying for Saskatchewan, the first step you need to take towards securing a provincial nomination from Saskatchewan PNP is to create an EOI profile
Abhinav Outsourcings

Decoding of the Comprehensive Ranking System - 0 views

    Want to move to Canada, listening to the amazing success stories of many immigrants who go there with the prospect of employment opportunities has become common now owing to the benefits and perks that you get once you become permanent resident of any place in Canada that nominates you to come and settle in the province of your choice.
Michael Porterfield

Art Project, powered by Google - 7 views

shared by Michael Porterfield on 02 Feb 11 - No Cached
    What is the 'Art Project'? A unique collaboration with some of the world's most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail. Explore museums with Street View technology: virtually move around the museum's galleries, selecting works of art that interest you, navigate though interactive floor plans and learn more about the museum and you explore. Artwork View: discover featured artworks at high resolution and use the custom viewer to zoom into paintings. Expanding the info panel allows you to read more about an artwork, find more works by that artist and watch related YouTube videos. Create your own collection: the 'Create an Artwork Collection' feature allows you to save specific views of any of the 1000+ artworks and build your own personalised collection. Comments can be added to each painting and the whole collection can then be shared with friends and family.

Microsoft Asserts Clients' Rights in FBI Email Searches Fight - 0 views

    The magistrate who will resolve whether the case can move ahead said the company's lawyers to be prepared in court to address previous rulings that undercut their fights. At pale is half of Microsoft's case to ban the US from furtively accessing client data stored in the cloud, counting email.
Soniya Patel

Custom Website Design - Why it's the Best? - 0 views

    With every minute moving around the clock, the competition in the online market keeps on receiving new challenges, with each site already making a mark there or for those who are looking for a chance to enter the realm. Now, business are lined up in a long queue to get their web presence felt on the net.
Barbara Lindsey

movingforward » home - 0 views

    Wiki administered by Dr. Scott McLeod (CASTLE) housing resources for presenters and change agents who are working to help move schools and universities into the 21st century.
Barbara Lindsey

Chinesepod and Connectivism: More connections lead to more learning » Moving ... - 0 views

  • More cognitive and affective experiences lead to more thinking, more synaptic connections, and more learning. To this end, we have sought to leverage guesswork, repetition, stories, context, in-depth discussion, etc, to offer what Siemens might call ’frequency, diversity, and depth of exposure’ to the content. I’ve always maintained that learning is multi-dimensional, and deepened when you approach the subject from different angles.
  • we are connectors, or resources who point learners at key patterns or elements that help strengthen their connection to a piece of information (and emphasize the skill of being able to identify patterns).
  • Teachers do NOT provide digital access to notes and materials, and students are quizzed regularly about the content on which they have taken textual notes to see if this traditional “broadcast/spray model” of learning has been effective. (Or at least if the items included in the quiz have temporarily been stored in short term memory.) We MUST move beyond this traditional “banking model” of education, and I’m convinced the impetus for these changes is NOT coming and is not GOING to come from “inside the system” of traditional education.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • How many of the teachers we work with on a daily basis understand the foundational elements of connectivisim? VERY, VERY few in my estimation. Why don’t they understand? Because they have not EXPERIENCED connectivisim. It is not enough to show or be told. One must EXPERIENCE the power of networked learning to understand it and appreciate its potentials.
  • blended learning conference event which is K-12 Online.
  • participate and share the upcoming K-12 Online Conference which starts next week with our pre-conference keynote. The conference is free, it’s global, and the co-learners involved (that includes YOU as well as presenters and other participants) are all providing a rich context for experiential, connectivist learning.
  • if your local educational organization agrees, you can even earn professional development credit for your participation and time!
  • we are not limited in our access to expert teachers and co-learners if we want to learn
  • Ken challenges me by thoughtfully connecting his educational practice with learning theories which build on and powerfully extend those which I’ve studied in graduate school.
  • We can take, ourselves, an online blended course on a topic of interest so that we can personally EXPERIENCE and therefore appropriate / claim for ourselves / understand with depth some of the benefits as well as drawbacks of online learning contexts.
  • Blended learning, because it offers the possibility of appropriating best practices from BOTH face-to-face as well as online/virtual learning contexts, can provide greater opportunities for authentic learning and meaningful connections than any other educational modality.
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