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David Wetzel

Opening Minds in Science and Math with a New Set of Keys - 0 views

    The use of web based technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day. These online tools are the new set of keys for opening your students' minds. The vast resources on the Internet are making the use traditional methods of teaching and learning obsolete in countless ways.
Jeff Johnson

Langwitches » Digital StoryTelling- What Comes to Mind? - 0 views

  • As many of you know, who follow me on Langwitches, I am working on a Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators. I will be using Wordle to create a storytelling cloud with words that come to mind when you think what Digital Storytelling means to or for you. Please contribute keywords, that come to YOUR mind when you think of storytelling in a comment. Don’t hesitate to add duplicate keywords what digital storytelling means to you. That way Wordle will highlight more important keywords. I will add your reponses through the comments and through Twitter and Plurk to Wordle and add the collaborative cloud to this post and as part of the cover art of the hardcover book that will be available for free download on . This cloud will be a digital story in itself, told by all of us!
Kim Collazo

SpiderScribe Mindmapping - 0 views

    Very easy to use idea/mind mapping tool. You can embed photos, files, and a Google map into your organized mind map.
Kiran Reddy

cja-354-week- - 0 views

    Our criminal justice system here in the United States operates on the perception that each person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his or her peers. The criminal justice system does take into consideration a person's state of mind when they originally committed the crime that they are accused of committing. The criminal justice system refers to a person's state of mind as the term "mens rea," This is a Latin term which has been incorporated into the justice system of the United States. Mens rea plays a delicate part in criminal defense cases, mainly when the accused is mentally ill.
    Our criminal justice system here in the United States operates on the perception that each person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his or her peers. The criminal justice system does take into consideration a person's state of mind when they originally committed the crime that they are accused of committing. The criminal justice system refers to a person's state of mind as the term "mens rea," This is a Latin term which has been incorporated into the justice system of the United States. Mens rea plays a delicate part in criminal defense cases, mainly when the accused is mentally ill.

How to Find That Auto Mechanic You Can Trust - Auto Mechanic Services in USA - 0 views

    A good mechanic does more than simply keep your engine running. Before even thinking about leaving your prized automobile with a mechanic, it's important that you do some research on them ahead of time. However, finding a worthy mechanic is going to take a lot more than simply searching around Google. Various factors go into finding a reliable mechanic; including whether you require maintenance or a full blown repair. Where you live, their location and availability also need to be taken into account. Continue reading if you wish to know more about factors on finding a reliable mechanic in Brevard County, Florida: Auto Mechanic Services in USA Trust Trust is the foundation of every long-lasting relationship, including one with your auto mechanic. If you're afraid of your mechanic has been lying to you just to gain a quick buck, then it's time to find a new one. However, not all service professionals are out to scam you. This is why it's important to develop a close relationship with them from day one. Choosing an Service Provider Finding a qualified auto service provider isn't as easy as it may seem. Sure, many have claimed to be the best but when it comes down to it, many are not. Skilled service professionals are usually in high demand, which means they probably have a slew of positive online reviews. Auto Mechanic Services in USA Check out AAA for both positive negative reviews. In addition, inquire whether your current mechanic or any potentially new service providers are active members. If not, you may want to continue your search. Would you really want to work with a mechanic who doesn't provide roadside assistance? Online Search Does anyone even own a phone book anymore? Busy schedules demand fast results. Start your search in Space Coast, Florida online with U'GO Pros. Simply download the U'GO Pros app or head over to and enter your search query. You can request quotes, send photos if necessary and book your appointment

Buy Soundcloud Premium Accounts - Real, Bulk & Verified - 0 views

    Buy Soundcloud Premium Accounts Introduction The use of social media has swept the globe. Globally, there are already over 3 billion active social media users, and that figure is rising. With 175 million active members, Soundcloud is one of the most widely used social networking sites. A excellent place for bands and aspiring musicians to share their music is Soundcloud. It is also a fantastic method to meet other music fans. You can interact with more people and market your music more effectively by purchasing Soundcloud accounts. What are Soundcloud Accounts? Users of the social networking site Soundcloud can upload, record, and share audio tracks. In that users may follow other users, "like," and comment on music, as well as share tracks with other users, it functions similarly to other social media sites. In contrast to other social media sites, Soundcloud focuses exclusively on sharing and streaming audio tracks. Buy SoundCloud Premium Accounts Accounts on Soundcloud can be easily and for free created. A password and an email address are all you need. You can start following other users, listening to music, and sharing your own tracks once you've registered an account. Also, you may make playlists, which are collections of songs you can play at any moment. What are the features of Soundcloud Account? User advantages of Soundcloud accounts are numerous. The fact that users can upload an endless amount of music is perhaps the most significant. This is perfect for musicians who want to spread their music without worrying about storage restrictions. Also, Soundcloud accounts give users access to resources for sharing and promoting their tunes. Users can embed tracks on their websites or blogs, for instance, or post tunes directly to their social media profiles. What are the benefits of buying Soundcloud Accounts? There are several advantages to purchasing Soundcloud accounts that you can profit from. You will be able to increase the number of individual
angelica laurencon

Web 2.0: Terminator of European Eudcation Systems - 0 views

    NTIC have changed our communication rules. Web 2.0 offers unlimited access to knowledge, skills, sustained by Open Source. The traffic on IT highways is fast, dense... endless and offers to digital natives fare-away trips on the www. Pupils and students born and grown up in digital environment develop intuitive intelligence, are used to receive, to handle and to store messages and infos arriving from many channels at the same time. And they are able to stay concentrated. They are also capable to think in snippets and keep a global understanding. Even alone, in front of their desktop, with a headset on the ears, the learning and memorizing of new skills becomes intuitive - a didactic game, and just like any game, there are rules and tasks to respect. Listing to an E-lesson, accomplishing exercices and tasks turns out into an individual challenge where pupils and students don't have any longer to cope with the disapproval of their mates or teachers. Sitting in one of these unpleasant classrooms facing a nasty prof droning out fastidious or fancy French vocabulary doesn't really open the mind. ... didn't understand? No matter with e-learning: Click on the repeat until you got it. Repeat as many times as you want. Nobody will call you an idiot. E-Teaching and E-Learning with all the Web 2.0 opportunities, Wikis and links is the best way to broad global minds and to catch all the minds lost somewhere on the roads of our messy education systems. And it's the end of segregation: Segregation inside our education systems and our societies, all the messy education environment. Let the schools or colleges be places of coming together and socialization, learning is an individually defined way.
Sarah Bresnahan


    The effort behind making this research and writing feasible is what makes it less appetising for students. The only thing that could change their mind is when they eventually find a way around this tedious job. Otherwise, their definition is locked unto these negative connotations.
Andrew Williamson

Meeting Of The Minds Unconference 2012 - 0 views

    Looking for a conference with a difference? What story do you have to tell? The #motm12 Unconference is built around stories for the purpose of making strong connections with other passionate educators who are integrating ICT with pedagogy. 
li li

Please show me the number of graduates six months. - 1 views

The problem is , ask the appropriate information in a normal portion . Competent lawyers asked miracle dry day . For the ideal case , the witness should wear a white cheap snapbacks thinking and...

started by li li on 04 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
diwakar verma

Mind Blown... Things have really changed over the last two decades - 0 views

    You will be surprised at how much life has changed in the past 20 years...
Enrique Jobson

Cash Advance Payday Loans: Important Ways To Avoid Financial Brokers! - 0 views

    Once you make up your mind, log on to the chosen site and go to the 'apply now' page and fill in the required details and forward it straightaway. You will avoid the broker and get the financial deal done without any hassle. Read More -
David Wetzel

Tips and Tricks for Finding Science and Math Images on the Web - 0 views

    Like everything else on the Internet, trying to find images is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Without the right tools for finding science and math images on the web it is often an impossible, or at least mind-numbing, task. What is needed are search engines which make the job easier. This is where the tips and tricks provided below help this seemingly impossible task by using the top search Web 2.0 search engines and tools available today. These are valuable resources for both you and your students when trying to find just the right image for lesson or project involving digital media.
Andrew D.

Mikogo Launches New Version for Free Online Meeting Software - 0 views

    PR: With greater capabilities and ease of use in mind, Mikogo launches its new version with several new features backing up its cost-free solution to online meetings. Meeting scheduler, session recorder, whiteboard toolbar, and a conference call service are just a few of the new features offered in Mikogo v2.02
Hanna Wiszniewska

Educational Video Games Effective In Classroom If Certain Criteria Are Met - 1 views

    The Spanish researchers believe that including video games in the online education platforms is the best way to achieve mass, economic distribution of this tool, the educational effectiveness of which is now rarely a topic of debate in the academic field. However, widespread use of video games in these environments must still overcome certain educational and technical difficulties. According to the authors, an educational video game must be designed with three key elements in mind: the possibility for evaluation, adaptability and ease of integration.
jodi tompkins

Glossopedia Home - 23 views

    This site is designed especially with the young learner in mind with its age-appropriate content and emphasis on visual and auditory learning. Glossopedia is the kind of site that you can leave open for students to explore and find a fast fact of the day, find their favorite image, or video Glossopedia Categories Geography and Places Nature and the Environment Technology Animals Earth and Space People and Cultures Human Body Chemistry Natural Forces This site is simple and visually pleasing. The font size is great for young learners. Words are hyperlinked to an audio pronunciation that is a real person, speaking really slowly at first then more quickly, and finally the written meaning of the word. Images and photos have a print button prominently displayed.
Clif Mims

The Graphic Organizer - 1 views

    Graphic Organizers, Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping, Brain Storming and other Organisers
Michael Porterfield

Product - MindMeister - 4 views

  • Mobile access MindMeister mobile, our iPhone application, provides access to your online mind maps where ever you are. You can create new maps, edit them and sync them with the your MindMeister account. Through our unique user interface you have both the comfort of an iPhone application and the familiar interface of MindMeister.
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