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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Magento eCommerce stores - TI Technologies - 0 views

    As digital transactions become the definitive method of purchasing goods and services, leading eCommerce firms are exploring how AI can enhance brand competitiveness and customer loyalty. Artificial Intelligence is set to be a game-changer to shape the next stage of the e-commerce evolution. Artificial intelligence provides passel of opportunities to the e-commerce industry where retailers compete to provide the maximum customer convenience, by providing the ultimate shopping experience. With continuous advances in digital voice technology, AI tools such as Alexa, Cortana, and Watson, are gracing headlines almost daily, hinting at the wide scope of opportunities it has to revolutionize eCommerce stores. Here we show 6 amazing applications to use Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce. * Create customer-centric search- By implementing Artificial intelligence in Magento creates purchase assistants that target the right users, with the right messages at the right time.AI programs can rely on self-learning algorithms to deconstruct Bigdata of thousands of customers and create targeted user experiences, hence ruling out any human-bias or error. * Context-based search- Product Search functionality is an integral part of a Magento store as the shopping process begins with the search for relevant products. If Magento individualizes some impressive extensions, they might be nothing as compared to the effectiveness of AI-powered searches. Here usual searches rely on the Keywords entered by the user and only when there is a correct match, your searches will dish out the right search results. But AI-powered product searches will look for the context of the search, utilize the capability of Natural Language Process to generate context-based search terms rather than typical keywords. * Facilitate Purchase Decisions- Purchase Assistants are something that is still not fully released. Using the concept of virtual Purchase assistant we can cut down the time spent by shoppers
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How Magento Design Studio Changes Voice Recognition Store's Theme & Functionality? | - 0 views

    One of the most trusted suppliers of Dragon Naturally Speaking products 'Voice Recognition' is our old client, who asked us to renovate his website as he wanted

Choosing your right eCommerce development partner for your business - 0 views

    Choosing the "right" eCommerce development company can be an exceptionally overwhelming procedure. The main issue lies in the meaning of the task itself: Choosing a new eCommerce solution. The truth is there are probably going to be various eCommerce systems that are more than equipped for meeting your requirements. So, how then do you choose a partner? What's the typical process you need to go through to make this understandably anxious decision? Read more
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