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Rasi in leading European Masters first round Li Haotong behind five ranked 12Beijing time on September 6 news - 0 views

started by li li on 06 Sep 13
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    Rasi in leading European Masters first round Li Haotong behind five ranked 12Beijing time on September 6 news, Indian players Ani Ban - Rasi li (Anirban Lahiri) in Switzerland Swiss Golf Club Schiphol Klein overcame cheap snapbacks
    a sprained knee troubles to two advantages won by the European and Asian Tour co-sanctioned European Golf Masters first round lead. 18 -year-old Chinese professional golfers Li Haotong outstanding performance to 68 ( -3 ) medals came in tied for 12th place, behind leader 5 . 13 -year-old amateur teenager leaves fertile sincere surrender 78 ( 7 ) , tied for tied for No. 149 .Total prize money of 2.2 million euros of European Masters Thursday officially gets underway , the world ranked 178 in the Rasi shot 63 ( -8 ) , which hold the first round results list wrist. Before the world's third- Paul - Casey , two weeks ago won the Johnnie Walker Championship England player Tommy - Fleetwood (Tommy Fleetwood) and a 49 -year-old Spanish veteran Miguel Angel Jimenez are surrendered 65 ( -6 ) , a tied two cheap snapbacks for sale
    . From Denmark, 2011 European Masters champion Thomas - Bjorn places 66 ( -5 ) pars, ranked No. 5 . Highest world ranking tournament contestants ( No. 31 ) , the Italian prodigy Matteo - Mannaseluo and three-time major champion Padraig Harrington have played 70 ( -1 ) , ranked tied for 46 .There are two Chinese players competing for the current European Masters, world ranked 959 of Li Haotong good condition , the audience grabbed five birdies, two bogeys, shot 68 , tied for No. 12 . After the match the technical data, the 18 -year-old young professional golfers average driving distance of 305 yards, hit a tee shot on the eighth fairway ( a total of 13 times ) , 12 times played greens , whole round with a 28 to push . In accordance with this situation , Li Haotong promising first broke into the finals of this year's European Tour weekend .To 13 -year-old hit obey snapbacks
    European Masters youngest participant record juvenile leaves fertile Dongguan Cheng started very badly , in his first four holes bitten three double bogeys , then grabbed a bird, swallow next two bogeys, eventually shot 78 , tied for 149 . For the second race of the European Tour leaves fertile Cheng who will have to make the cut on Friday is an extremely difficult task items .Four weeks ago , fell awkwardly in Rasi , sprained knee , is still ongoing treatment. However, the 26- year-old Indian golfer Thursday or Renzhaoshangtong , captured the two eagles and five birdies , only on the 13th hole to swallow only one bogey to lead the pack 63 achievements . Rasi commented after the game : "My knees are old wounds , when I was 15 years old, I tore the anterior cruciate ligament , so it was tough and I have 15 days without playing , Monday maybe I month of the fourth round of the ball, I came here and did not hold any expectations , just want to enjoy my golf , cheap snapbacks is perhaps the reason for such a good performance today . "Although there are currently Rasi won the first round lead, but he can not have the slightest neglect . A year ago, he also had won the first round of the tournament clubhouse lead , but in the second round only 81 pars, was eliminated. In this regard , with three Asian Tour champion Rasi , said: " The attitude of the successful return here are wonderful . Last year was a bitter pill to swallow , but I learned from tisa sanpbacks
    experience a lot of things . Weather becomes cold a lot, for me is a big adjustment . it was a harsh lesson , but despite this , but it is also a lesson for life . "In June this year, won the Irish Open title after England star Casey has aimed his first two games of this year's European Tour victory. The former world's third- European players , said: "This is really a paradise on earth , it can in the best case situation test you , but we encountered this week, super good weather , this is a great place, such a great audience to play in front of great golf , which is kind of fun . " currently , Casey behind two , tied two .25th consecutive race European Masters Jimenez also ranked second , is expected to win again after following the 2010 European Masters . In this regard, the 49- year-old Spaniard also seemed very confident : "This is a very nice start and I played very well today . Even close my eyes, I was also able to play in the stadium ! "Fleetwood continuation of the Johnnie Walker Championship two weeks ago in the realization of personal bravery wins first European Tour status , round one up on eagle , then first nine holes and grabbed three birdies . Unfortunately, after the transition , the 22- year-old Englishman has slowed down the pace of progress , eating two bogeys , three birdies to get to 65 pars, also nrl snapbacks
    routed to a tie for two .The former European Challenge Tour 's top player in winning the Johnnie Walker Championship victory regret Wales Open on the next to be eliminated , and now, he felt better able to cope with stress . " Starting Monday , I feel good about my game a lot last week was a tough week , I did not have a hectic situation may arise ready two weeks ago was my first time in the European Tour tasted victory , but it is a big landslide last week , I hope I 'll do my next victory better prepared . "

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