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li li

Not easy to feel the same World Championships - 0 views

started by li li on 08 Aug 13
  • li li
    North Island in the semi-finals just 8 results. "A good insurance team soccer jerseys
    , good insurance!" He smiled again and again after the game, but also self-comforting, "In any case, the final can not be worse than this seems to be not earlier participated in the World Series so relaxing." As the absolute core of the Japanese team, in addition to their impact on the gold medal, but also to play a leading role in the North Island. Asian Games in Doha, North Island every day, warned his teammates to victory over China in the gold medal account as objectives, 30 years old, he is now to enjoy the game more. Bochang Hira that this relaxed state of mind, North Island soccer jerseys for cheap
    , to be able to feel the first time it is not the same world championships. This time the visit in response, North Island felt the change of time, he was unable to influence the gold medal and world record-only regulation goal ', evaluations of each are very good, and now the game is really quite different, and I feel that they There are still about 59 seconds 6 forces failed to achieve this goal a little disappointed national soccer jerseys
    , but I'm from the previous to the finals three times in a row will swim in one minute, say that pleasure. "

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