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li li

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started by li li on 09 Aug 13
  • li li
    WASHINGTON shooting 2013 badminton world championships less than a week, the Chinese badminton team yesterday flew from Beijing to Guangzhou soccer team jerseys
    . "Golden Helmet" Lin debuts a new hairdo, just a short stop at the airport will attract dozens of fans mad pursuit. Lindane showed that in the next few days to adapt to the most pressing is the weather in Guangzhou, his wife Xie (microblogging) will go to the racetrack for his support. Closed-end training camp in Qingdao, the country's feather short break in Beijing, Guangzhou, yesterday went to go CA1327 flight. What is the estimated time of arrival was delayed by almost an hour later, pushing young national soccer jerseys
    Chinese badminton team at Baiyun Airport Arrival E3 domestic exports. Although lindane tinted in dark gray t-shirt and sunglasses "mixed" among his teammates, but still can not stop the strong taste of the star, his new hair style is also particularly striking. International scene after an absence for up to six months, the Guangzhou World Cup competition Lindane is not planned. But in early May BWF suddenly changed his mind and decided to give this a "Guangzhou son" was awarded a wild card to lindane decided to play world cup jerseys
    . According to the poll, personality nenasinnyeva Lin Dan is the bottom half if the preliminary round smooth cut, from 4:00 to 8 in the areas of second seed Chen Lun Lun Chen is currently ranked second in the world, is China's top men's team single. If all goes well in the final, lindane can be with top seed Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia after a double Olympic champion again after the men's final meeting, which leaned to his sports career in Guangzhou singles champion youth soccer jerseys
    won the first world championship men.

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