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harry deasy

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started by harry deasy on 09 Apr 16
  • harry deasy

    How to Become a Personal Assistant to the Stars

    Choose which type of celebrity you would prefer to work for. Would you like
    to be a personal assistant for an actor, athlete, musician or a politician?
    According to the StudentNow website, " It's probably best to work for someone in
    a field you're interested in, because the more you know, the more you have to

    A personal assistant to the stars must be versed in a variety of skills. Your
    job may entail scheduling doctor's appointments, organizing parties, sending
    birthday gifts, finding household items and more.

    Courses in event planning and office administration can be invaluable to
    helping you perform the tasks for this career. You also can take a personal
    assistant course.

    One way to find a job is through an employment agency such as Celebrity
    Personal Assistants Inc. Another option is to work as a production assistant on
    a movie set, where you will be able to network with the stars. You also can
    contact the star's agent or publicist to let them know that you are looking for
    a job. You could try contacting the stars directly. These websites charge a

    To keep up on current trends in your profession and to network with others in
    your field, join a professional organization such as the Association of
    Celebrity Personal Assistants, whose annual membership fees start at $150. In
    addition, if you live in New York, you may join New York Celebrity

    Personal assistants to the stars can make a competitive salary. According to
    ABC News, celebrity personal assistants can
    make an average of $62,000 annually. In addition, other perks of the job include
    tickets to exclusive events, gifts and free air travel.

    How to Be a Personal Assistant to a Rock Musician

    Whether you want to learn the business or have aspirations to be Giuseppe Zanotti
    a rock star yourself, becoming a personal assistant to a.

    How to Become a Personal Assistant to the Wealthy

    How to Become a Personal Assistant; Comments . How to Become a Personal
    Assistant to the Stars. Have you ever dreamed of.

    About Celebrity Personal Assistants

    Personal Assistant to the Stars Qualifications. Living vicariously through
    celebrities is the celebrity personal assistant dream. Life in the fab Giuseppe Zanotti
    lane might.

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