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started by li li on 11 Sep 13
  • li li
    Podolski Arsenal Chamberlain injuries to tisa sanpbacks
    the offensive line staff is relatively tight , the new aid Yaya - Sanogo is still training with the French U20 team was injured, but in the summer Wenger failed to introduce a striker before the window closed , but rather also Chamakh cleaning, and to allow the state to remain extremely unbearable Bendtner team. To solve the problem of thin staffing front , Wenger intends to introduce a free agent , according to " Mirror" the latest news, professor phase of the Romanian striker Marica .The 27 year old Marica played for Schalke 04 last season , after the contract expires this summer, he was not able to renew , staying at home , he became a Lazio, Inter Milan, Shakhtar Donetsk , Arsenal's concern, and he broker Beccari then was recently confirmed that Arsenal are most likely to be recruited . "Today Marica is still a good striker, he worked hard for many years in Western Europe, football , very experienced , so naturally there will be many big clubs interested in them , and now he is very close to cheap snapbacks
    joining Arsenal , but we have to wait and see what will happen next week . "Marica Bundesliga campaign beginning in 2007 , he first played in Stuttgart four seasons , during which played 133 times into 33 balls, the summer of 2011 , he moved to Schalke 04 , in the past two years, 52 appearances and scored 9 goals . On Marica during play in the Bundesliga scoring efficiency see, he obviously is not an efficient shooter , now why Wenger phase him, the main reason is probably no need to spend money to sign him , but can not rule out Wenger he provided the possibility of short-term contracts . However, " Mirror" while they also mentioned that if Wenger did not introduce Marica , he most likely will reserve 17 year old striker Ake Bohm raised the first team to prepare for contingencies .Today Marica certainly are considering Should Arsenal , and he may wish to listen Flamini 's statement that it is a free man this summer to join Arsenal player, but Flamini regarded as binary Palace. Flamini said: " Milan want to renew for cheap snapbacks for sale
    two years with me , but I have 29 years old, I do not want to get a copy of the contract is less than three years, in addition to Milan , there are other Serie A, Bundesliga and the English Premier League Clubs have also contacted me . get to my age, in terms of how to choose the right career is very important , so I decided after careful thought , to go along with the Arsenal training , and then try to complete the transfer . "With 后弗拉米尼that he again worked with Wenger Arsenal finally decided to return the key reason , he continued: "Well , he was very understanding of me, my career has exerted an important influence , he brought me to the world's best in the Premier League , and at the technical level , the psychological level has given me a lot of guidance and now Arsenal have the strength of the title race , I also want to make contributions . " Flamini emphasized that" Arsenal can be a champion , "and he said the premise is certainly included in Arsenal got Ozil , Ozil in the end about how good Gibbs , Cazorla , such as per capita Klinsmann his views .Gibbs said : "He is a world-class player , I am convinced that he will soon be able to integrate into the Arsenal , and I hope that his contribution to the comparable Bergkamp and continue its performance when Real Madrid . " Cazorla said: " I am delighted to be joining Arsenal saw Ozil , working with such a player is your honor , Real Madrid ye took him to sell it ? I really felt Fei angle , because he is unique , chances are he felt he had suffered injustice at Real Madrid , Arsenal really very lucky , eventually even got him, he will be Arsenal's minister of state , because of his style of new era brand snapbacks
    play with Arsenal are a good fit . "Klinsmann 's argument is : "Today Arsenal is the strongest in Europe 11 or 12 teams, Real Madrid , where the leader is a C Lo or Ramos , but at Arsenal , Ozil will undoubtedly become a leader , and to assume more responsibility, and I believe he can be transformed into a leader in the London Masters level over the past few years, he learned a lot at Real Madrid , and now he will bring these things Arsenal , which is really great, not only for himself, against Arsenal and the German team also true , I know , Wenger has long concerned Ozil back in when he played for obey snapbacks
    Bremen , Wenger wanted to sign , now Wenger finally do so . "

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