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Martin Burrett

December 2016 UKEd Magazine - 0 views

    Free online education magazine to read or download (PDF) This issue has a 'Teacher Network' theme.
Nik Peachey

12 Tips for training older teachers to use technology - Resources for English Language Learners and Teachers | Pearson English - 0 views

    There is an assumption that persists in the educational community that more mature teachers are much more difficult and reluctant to be trained on the effective use of educational technology. To some degree, I think this assumption has been built on by the digital native vs digital immigrant myth. But as someone who has trained teachers of all ages all over the world I would say that, from my own experience, this hasn't been the case.
Nigel Coutts

Why build a Personal Learning Network? - 11 views

    'Inside the Black Box' was written by Black and William in 1998 and in it they describe the classroom as a black box with inputs and outputs but what occurred inside was a mystery. For many teachers the reality has been that what occurs in their classroom has been both private and isolating, a matter between the teacher and his or her students but a task largely tackled alone. But this isolationist view is, in the age of the social media and networking increasingly challenged and more and more teachers are finding their voice, sharing their ideas and gaining valuable insights from a global community of connected educators.
Christina Sherrill

ClassFlow - 0 views

    This is a online classroom. You can create lessons, upload pics and documents, and play lessons/activities all from one site. No need to have several tabs open at once.
Rudy Garns

Why PLNs are Important? - 0 views

    Most quality online stores. Know whether you are a trusted online retailer in the world. Whatever we can buy very good quality. and do not hesitate. Everything is very high quality. Including clothes, accessories, bags, cups. Highly recommended. This is one of the trusted online store in the world. View now
Tina Vine

Personal Learning Networks Are Virtual Lockers for Schoolkids | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Tony Wagner, from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, lists assessing and analyzing information as one of the seven survival skills in the new world of work. I think the ability to create a PLN is a fundamental information-management skill that will help my students succeed in the future.
  • An RSS reader is a Web site that puts together all this information in an easy-to-read format. Google Reader, netvibes, Pageflakes, Bloglines, and my preferred reader, iGoogle, are all examples of sites providing RSS readers. The RSS reader is the raw material for building a PLN.
  • With PLNs, we can now empower the personalized learning we've been longing to bring to education. I'm thrilled that my students know how to connect efficiently to great sources of information and can now construct an environment that will make them lifelong learners. And, truly, creating a self-directed learner is the pinnacle of educational achievement.
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  • Porta Portal
    Wonderful explaination of PLN and their use in the classroom
fabrizio bartoli

Professional Learning Network (PLN) e-Course for Teachers - Refining the RSS Reader - 0 views

    "Refining the RSS Reader"

@LucianeCurator wish you all a Blessed Christmas and offer you a #Curation #ChristmasTree #edtech20 #pln - 0 views

    wish you all a Blessed Christmas and offer you a #Curation #ChristmasTree I, Duma Cornel Lucian am happy finalist in Ipad eLearning Competition by eFrontLearning and please help me to win a Ipad reading my article : Top 10 Startup Social Media Curation Tools for Social Learning in the Workpace ( Glogster EDU Scoop.itLearnist Pinterest MentorMob Mightybell springpad Zeen . If you like the article after you read it, down of the page are social media sharing buttons ( facebook like , tweeet , share using social media channels )

Top 10 #socialmedia free tools to brand yourself #edtech20 #pln - 0 views

    Feed-back and comments are welcome . If you are social media addicted and want to became a social media curator join now free first Curation Edu Community
Robin Zeidler

Classroom 2.0 - 0 views

    This is a social networking site for the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom. I have just bookmarked it in diigo. Let's see if it appears on the PLN research Toolkit course.

#globaled12 session ICT4eTwinners project Smile Project and top 10 tools to build a PLN - 0 views

     See presentations, recordings and a web tour and if you like leave a comment or rt

My favorite ( top 10 ) romanian #edtech #startup tools at #howtoweb 2012 @web20education : brainromania, docTrackr, JotPot, KeenSkim,, PLN, romania, simbound, snipdocs, startup, TreeReach, TribeGarden, zonga - 0 views

    "Curated by Lucian, who really want to implement Curation Restart Education Project . For more Like and follow"
Torrey Trust

EdTech How-To - 0 views

    Learn how to build a PLN or add yourself to the Connected Educator google map

MY RESEARCH AND TOP 10 WEB 2.0 TOOLS IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION with Top 10 Big #eLearning eNews for #backtoschool 2012 who can make you #socialmedia #Curation addicted #edtech20 #pln - 0 views

    Top 10 Big #eLearning eNews for #backtoschool 2012 : GlogsterEDU , EdFuture, CLASS2GO , Stanford University, Google Course Builder , GTA , Google Teachers Accademy, Wiziq Academic , TedEd , TreeHouse, Dell , Dell Social Inovation , StudyHall .Follow
Steve Ransom

Twitter is Stupid. (until you realize…) - 23 views

  • Saying Twitter is ‘stupid’ is like saying all of TV is stupid. All newspapers, all magazines, all radio, all movies. EVERYTHING is stupid if that’s how we think.
  • The truth of the matter is that if all you’re tuning in to is the worst, most annoying things you can find on TV or on the radio, then EVERY kind of media will provide a horrible experience.
  • Tune in to the channels that have the best shows, and your Twitter experience be awesome. Tune in to people that post junk, and you’ll hate it. It’s not the channel that’s stupid; it’s the content we choose to see. Ultimately, if your Twitter experience sucks, it’s your fault, not Twitters.
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  • A Twitter experience isn’t made in 2 minutes. It’s crafted over time. It occurs as you discover awesome people you’ve never heard of. It occurs when you begin to see the world differently because you’re exposed to the lives of interesting people from all over the globe. It occurs when you interact with them. It occurs when you inspire them, and are inspired by them.
  • If you’ve tried Twitter and left because all your friends were posting updates from the bar or sharing the latest and greatest cat meme pictures, maybe your friends aren’t who you should be following.

MY RESEARCH AND TOP 10 WEB 2.0 TOOLS IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION with founders of #makr #startup make today from #diaspora #socialmedia tool next #facebook a community project #edtech20 #pln - 0 views

    founders of #makr #startup make today from #diaspora next facebook a #socialmedia community project . I add Diaspora to Top 10 PLN tools
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