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Pains of Rebirth « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Search me, know me;stay away.I want love and salvation,but I want it my way.
Jass Brown

Why atheism is crucial for modern religious practice ? - 0 views

    The word 'faith' perhaps best describes the monolithic religions of yesterday, when it was important to believe in a supernatural being, for the sole purpose of staying functional in society.

What sacrifices are you going to make to stay married? - relaationship - 0 views

    Marriage is never perfect nor always imperfect. Perception plays a big role in the happiness of marriage or the unhappiness of marriage. So what makes some marriages last 50 years and less than 6 months? Is the wrong 2 people getting married for the wrong reason? Maybe it's less about people and more about perceptions and expectations. Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with sacrifices or a lack of sacrifice.
José Bortolato


    Salmo 34 Quer ter uma doce surpresa? Seja abençoado por Deus, ao contemplá-Lo. Neste mundo vivemos maus dias com alguma frequência. Isto não é pessimismo, é uma realidade que não nos avisaram quando éramos crianças, mas... graças a Deus: esses dias aziagos, porém, não são ainda a nossa
    What about to be saved by an order of the Holy God, that will send you an angel that will stay around and will deliver us from tha threats? It is not an idea, or a excessive sensibility, it is real, and is the reason of the peace within the heart of the believers. Read it, and be blessed. This article is originally in portuguese, but you may translate to the language you would prefer.

Witnessing to People Who are Hurting * at ChristianAnswers.Net - 0 views

  • If there has been a death, tell your friend that you are sorry about their loss. Be sure to show genuine sympathy, concern and sensitivity. Look for ways you can help in real, tangible ways. House cleaning? Yardwork? etc. Coping: Ask God to give you the grace to be all you can be for your loved one or friend. Pray for love and patience. Your loved ones will need you now more than they have ever needed you. The best thing you can do for your loved one who is suffering is to be there for them and to help them prepare for that day. A question to ask is "Are you ready to meet your Creator?" If he or she answers no, then you have a great opportunity to tell your friend that the Creators greatest desire is for us to have a personal relationship with Him.
  • we need to show a deep empathy for the person who has been through suffering as we gently take them through the Law. This may take a little practice, but it is something in which each of us must become proficient, if we want to see the lost come the Christ. This is how to best handle the sensitive issue of witnessing to someone who is hurting. Tell him that you are sorry about his loss. Again, make sure that you show genuine sensitivity, then do what a surgeon would do with a severed jugular vein. Turn immediately to the serious issue at hand - the person's salvation. Unless he was a Christian, stay clear of any talk about whether or not the loved one who died went to Heaven or Hell, by saying that God is good and that He will do that which is right on Judgment Day.
  • Say something like, "When we are confronted with the issue of death, it can often make us think about the issues of God, and about our own eternal salvation. Do you ever think about God? Do you consider yourself to be a good person?" Then gently take him through the Law. If there is any offence, apologize and change the subject. But more than likely you will find that by talking about his personal salvation, it will be like a complete subject change, and therefore there wont be offensive. If he is bitter at God and that is hindering him from opening his heart, gently let them know that many people have suffered terrible losses in this life, and they have let that suffering bring them to the Cross, and consequently to everlasting life. An analogy that may be helpful is to say that if someone offers to lift you out of quicksand, don't let the fact that you don't like the color of their skin or you can't understand why they are wearing certain clothes, etc., stop you from giving your hand to your rescuer. God offers to lift us out of the quicksand of death itself. Tell him: "Let Him pull you out, and once you are saved, ask your questions. If you don't get an answer in this life, you are guaranteed to get one in the next."
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  • Be very careful not to give the impression that God was punishing the person for his sins. Instead, speak about the fact that all around us we can see the evidence of a “fallen creation.” Explain how in the beginning there was no disease, pain, suffering, or death. But when sin entered the world, it brought suffering with it. Then gently turn the conversation away from the person who died to the person who is still living. Ask if he has been thinking about God, and if he has kept the Ten Commandments. Then take the opportunity to go through the spiritual nature of God's Law. Someone who has lost a loved one often begins to ask soul-searching questions about God, death, and eternity. Many people are so hard-hearted that it takes a tragedy to make them receptive to God.

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