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Rafael Pérez

Proyecto Homero (la Joven Compañía) - 1 views

Captan el espíritu de Homero en un espectáculo al mismo tiempo brillante, moderno y respetuoso con el texto. Emociona por igual a alumnos y profesores.

Grecia mitología cultura-clásica

started by Rafael Pérez on 13 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
Isabel Alcaide

Los doce trabajos de Heracles - 2 views

    Un mito es un relato fabuloso tradicional sobre los dioses, los héroes, los orígenes de un pueblo, etc. que expresa de forma simbólica un concepto religioso, filosófico o social. Entre los héroes (semidioses) destaca Heracles, uno de los más célebres y populares de toda la mitología clásica.
odiefer - 5 views

    We make animations from real ancient Greek vases.  This site puts them together with a wealth of resources that give you reliable info on ancient culture and fresh ideas for teaching sessions on classical civilisation, art, and creative writing.
Isabel Alcaide

Troya - 4 views

    Flash educativo.

Mitología clásica, "el juicio de Paris" RUbens - 1 views

    Presentación a partir del cuadro de Rubens, El Juicio de Paris, 
odiefer - 0 views

    Medea, un personaje contemporáneo. por Ana María Rabadán Burguillos.

Los doce trabajos de Heracles - Recursos educativos eduCaixa - 2 views

    interactivo en red
Ana Ovando

WI Iconographic Database - 4 views

    Fotografías históricas de monumentos y edificios clásicos. La página que lo aloja declara en su página inicial: The Warburg Institute is concerned mainly with cultural history, art history and history of ideas, especially in the Renaissance. It aims to promote and conduct research on the interaction of cultures, using verbal and visual materials. It specializes in the influence of ancient Mediterranean traditions on European culture from the Middle Ages to the modern period. Its open-access library has outstanding strengths in Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance art, Arabic, Medieval and Renaissance philosophy, the history of religion, science and magic, Italian history, the history of the classical tradition, and humanism. In several of these fields it can claim to be the most important library in the world. The photographic collection, organised by subject, documents the iconographical traditions of western art and facilitates research into these traditions as well as the identification of the subject of individual images. The archive holds the papers of Aby Warburg, Fritz Saxl and other staff members of the Institute, including both sides of their correspondence with many leading scholars of the twentieth century.

Illustrations. Padraic Colum 1922. The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived before Ac... - 2 views

    ilustraciones de línea de escenas mitológicas. Se puede jugar a adivinar el mito que ilustran. Ilustraciones de William Andrew ("Willy") Pogany, comienzos del siglo XX.
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