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Modelling, not shaping - 4 views

  • There is strong evidence that we need to integrate learning into our work in order to deal with the increasing complexity of knowledge work. The valued work in the enterprise is increasing in variety and decreasing in standardization. I have suggested that communities of practice are the bridge between work teams and open social networks, with narration of work an enabler of knowledge-sharing, and of course, modelling behaviour.
  • Communities are more like dance halls than factories. Platforms that have too much control will not be adopted on a community level. As a consultant, I would like to be able to recommend a variety of these platforms, that can inter-operate on some level, so that enterprise communities can choose the most suitable ones for their stage of development.

After Facebook fails - 6 views

  • Robert likes so many things that his up-thumb has no value to me.

The learning organization: an often-described, but seldom-observed phenomenon | Harold ... - 7 views

    In my experience, these three indicators would suggest a true learning organization:
    People at all levels are narrating their work in a transparent environment
    The daily routine supports social learning
    Time is made available for reflection and sharing stories

Own It: Social Media Isn't Just Something Other People Do - 4 views

  • We look at a generation that has grown up online, and we worry about how "they" can't put down their iPhones, how "they" can't hold a real conversation, how "they" prefer distraction to presence. How will they form relationships? How will they learn to listen, or to be heard?

    The real and difficult questions are not about them, but about us. How will we choose to live online? How will we sustain conversations, build relationships, and cultivate genuine connection? And for those who are experiencing the kind of angst Turkle describes, an even more challenging question: How can I change when, where and how to plug in so that I actually like my life online?

  • We can have what Turkle terms a "big gulp of real conversation" -- through a chat window that keeps us connected, all day, to a best friend on the other side of the country. We can embrace the value of solitude and self-reflection, writing a blog post that digs deeply into a personal challenge -- perhaps choosing to write anonymously in order to share a deeper level of self-revelation than we'd brave offline. We can truly listen, and truly be heard, because online affinity groups help us find or rediscover friends who are prepared to meet us as we really are.

    These are the tools, practices, and communities that can make online life not a flight from conversation, but a flight to it. But we will not realize these opportunities as long as we cling to a nostalgia for conversation as we remember it, describe the emergence of digital culture in generational terms, or absolve ourselves of responsibility for creating an online world in which meaningful connection is the norm rather than the exception. We are making that digital shift together -- old and young, geeky and trepidatious -- and we are only as alone as we choose to be.


Corporate Leadership Council - Human Resources - 1 views

    CLC Human Resources

SoulPancake - 3 views

onewheeljoe - 3 views

    Harvard Business Review article on Cynefin Framework.

Charlie Angus: Why I'm Saying Goodbye to Twitter - 3 views

  • Being on Twitter is like being badgered by a drunk on a 24-hour bus ride.
  • It is vital for people to deconstruct how technologies affect and change our interactions.
  • more and more Twitter seems to be morphing into a bully pulpit for trolls
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Tossing a hate bomb is the easiest thing in the world when you have a Twitter account with a fake name. It's a technology tailor made for the knee jerk reaction.
  • I had tracked down the sixth largest corporation in America and found that they were engaged in the same level of slacktivism as somebody sitting on a couch with a smart phone and a couple of bottles of beer.

That Something Else Better - 1 views

  • AttitudeComplianceHumilityServiceAuthorityBased upon titleBased upon earned trustNone; offers an example which may be followed or not
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