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Graham Perrin

Gnome Evolution bug 359755 - Support for CalDAV collections - 0 views

  • GNOME Bugzilla
  • Bug 359755
  • Support for CalDAV collections
  • ...42 more annotations...
  • Product: Evolution
  • enhancement
  • The definition of 'calendar-home-set' is that it returns the URL of the collection which contains the user's calendars. Not the URLs of the calendars themselves.
  • then do a Depth: 1 PROPFIND on that URL to retrieve the actual calendars
  • you will request the resourcetype & supported-calendar-component-set
  • know which ones are calendars
  • whether they support VEVENT/VTASK/VJOURNAL
  • public calendars
  • calendars for a given user offered by other users
  • the dust isn't fully settled on parts of this
  • a few tricks
  • Trick #1
  • PROPFIND request for current-user-principal
  • Also planned
  • query a 'well known URL'
  • find the right port
  • PROPFIND the /.well-known/caldav/ URL
  • Once you've *got* the principal-URL
  • PROPFIND for the group-membership
  • possibly do this repeatedly
  • Once *that's* fully expanded to a list of principal-URLs
  • query the calendar-home-set for them
  • Depth: 1 PROPFIND on those to find their calendars
  • possible simplification
  • combine two steps
  • expand-property report is defined in RFC 3253 (WebDAV Versioning)
  • DAV::expand-property REPORT
  • can't think of a way to get the actual collections
  • maybe there is some trick
  • I guess at this point
  • current-user-principal in the first instance
  • PROPFIND Depth: 1 on the calendar-home-set
  • gets you the user's direct calendars
  • differentiating
  • my approach would be
  • on demand
  • e.g. 'display delegated calendar'
  • principal-URL for the currently authenticated user
  • recursively PROPFIND
  • expand their group-membership into a tree
  • In DAViCal the public.php is specifically for looking at calendars which have been declared to need no authentication
Graham Perrin

draft-daboo-webdav-sync-02 - Collection Synchronization for WebDAV - 1 views

Graham Perrin

[chandler] Index of / - ViewVC - 0 views

Graham Perrin

Invitation to Google Wave in exchange for development of one simple web page - 0 views

  • A plain HTML/JavaScript page, functionally equivalent to QE widget for iGoogle
  • invitations (nominations) for Google Wave
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • shameless BRIBERY
  • The page should ideally:
  • a) work well without a mouse
  • b) when re-purposed: fit neatly into a widget, not too large
  • c) be tactile
  • let's not treat (c) as an obstacle
  • if Google Wave Preview is not the bribery you want, then I might find something more interesting, less nebulous
  • someone from Apple will read this post and send me a future-device
Graham Perrin

Chandler Wiki : Ip Kvm Eval - 0 views

  • limited staff
  • telecommuting
  • distributed servers
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • network stops responding
  • server is waiting at a boot prompt
  • a remarkable level of control
  • remotely-accessible power switches
  • TCP/IP-accessible keyboard/video/mouse control
  • singificantly improves response time
  • best proposal
  • StarTech 8-outlet power switch (PCM815SHNA)
  • StarTech 16-port StarView USB+PS2 KVM w/OSD
  • 10-ft 3-way USB KVM cable
  • TemPageR
  • critical failures
  • StarTech SV1100IPEXT ($650)
Graham Perrin

A new quick entry application: choice of source code, choice of environment (AIR, Titan... - 0 views

  • A new quick entry application: choice of source code, choice of environment (AIR, Titanium etc.)
  • In reply to this post by Jeffrey Harris
  • choices: * is AIR the way to go, or should we lean towards Titanium?† * which of the two sources might make a better starting point?
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • As background: a colleague recommends Yammer
  • it's limited by design†† and non-integrable
  • prefer an application that works with our chosen infrastructure
  • includes Chandler Hub
Graham Perrin

Hosted @ISC | Internet Systems Consortium - 0 views

shared by Graham Perrin on 25 Aug 09 - No Cached
  • ISC's main data centers
  • available to qualified public benefit projects
    OSAF — Open Source Applications Foundation — appears under Racked Guests. I guess that Chandler Hub and other Chandler Project activities/services fall under that umbrella.
    OSAF is listed as a racked guest.
Graham Perrin

ISC Operations Status Page - 0 views

  • 2009-08-21 - Our Redwood City (SQL1) data center has had a power outage. (all times PDT) Most mission critical systems are up. If you know of something that's down, please send an email to hands @ isc . org . 7:45 pm - Power goes out - routing unavailable 8:40 pm - R1.SQL1 and firewalls back up - most equipment down 8:50pm - farside is back up - power to servers being restored as UPSs charge up 10:00pm - most machines are back up The work on our Redwood City data center is complete for now. Apart from the outstanding new router hardware issue, and some minor tidy-ups, the upgrades are now complete. We are currently working with our router vendor to diagnose the issues we had with our core router and will attempt cutting over to this again in future when these are resolved. A new F-Root node has recently been installed in Philipsburg, on the island of Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. If you are present at OCIX or going to be connected please setup peering with us there if you are not already doing so. You can use our web form for this. A new F-Root node has recently been installed in Frankfurt connected to the DE-CIX, so please setup peering with us there if you are not already doing so. You can use our web form for this. ISC's F-Root node in Munchen, Germany is currently partially down due to hardware failure. ISC is working on getting the node back up as soon as possible.
    Internet Systems Consortium operations status
Graham Perrin

Chandler Wiki : Cosmo Caldav - 0 views

  • no separate collection for calendars
  • home collection functions as a CalDAV calendar home collection
  • specifies the URL of the associated user account's home collection
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • C:calendar-home-set is provided on user principal resources
  • if a resource (1.ics) contains a VEVENT, it must always contain a VEVENT until the resource is removed.
Graham Perrin

Chandler Wiki : How The Cookie Crumbles Part I - 0 views

  • hierarchies has been the designated one size fits all solution to all our organizational needs
  • we break our semantically pure hierarchies by overstretching their bounds
  • we end up with messy hierarchies that are unusable and unmaintainable
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Stuff I need access to DOES NOT HAPPEN TO EQUAL the stuff at the top of the tree
  • Case study: Katie's OmniOutliner
  • The following are images taken from:
Graham Perrin

Chandler Wiki : Web Home - 0 views

  • all development on Chandler is volunteer
  • most volunteer effort is focused on Chandler 2
  • focus your efforts on Chandler 2 and Chandler Server
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Bugtracker - not set up yet
    • Graham Perrin
      At will we see an additional product for Chandler 2? Or will there be a separate tracker?
  • good stuff in the wiki, but
  • don't assume information in a wiki page is up to date
Graham Perrin

RFC 4791 - Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) - 0 views

  • 6.2.1. CALDAV:calendar-home-set Property
  • SHOULD be defined on a principal resource
  • either calendar collections
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • the URL of collections
  • or ordinary collections that have child or descendant calendar collections
Graham Perrin

CalDAVClientLibrary - CalendarServer - 0 views

  • CalDAVClientLibrary is a Python library and tool for CalDAV
  • browser: this implements a shell-like browser that lets you interact with the CalDAV server directly via protocol
  • some higher level functions
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • manage (read and edit) the proxy list for a principal
Graham Perrin

Events - Chandler2 documentation - 0 views

  • a True value for any_time should be treated just like all_day
  • any_time isn’t defined in iCalendar
Graham Perrin

ical2svg - Google Code - 0 views

shared by Graham Perrin on 04 Jun 09 - Cached
  • generates a graphical `block schedule' for a given interval
  • events from one or more iCalendar files
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