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Chris Jobling

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age - 0 views

  • “Experience has long been considered the best teacher of knowledge. Since we cannot experience everything, other people’s experiences, and hence other people, become the surrogate for knowledge. ‘I store my knowledge in my friends’ is an axiom for collecting knowledge through collecting people (undated).”
  • Meaning-making and forming connections between specialized communities are important activities.
  • Connectivism is the integration of principles explored by chaos, network, and complexity and self-organization theories. Learning is a process that occurs within nebulous environments of shifting core elements – not entirely under the control of the individual. Learning (defined as actionable knowledge) can reside outside of ourselves (within an organization or a database), is focused on connecting specialized information sets, and the connections that enable us to learn more are more important than our current state of knowing.
    George Siemens, International Journal of Instruction Technology and Distance Learning, January 2005.
    Connectivism is a theory. As a scientist I'd be looking for experimental results that demonstrate that the theory is true. Have any such experiments been devised? Is so what were the results,. If not, why not?
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