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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Lisa Durff


Connectivism - 5 views

    •  Lisa Durff
      There is learning in the connections. There are connections in the learning. Wow, it seems to work both ways.
  • What would learning look like if we developed it from the world view of connections?
  • Learners will create and innovate if they can express ideas and concepts in their own spaces and through their own expertise
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  • Instead of sharing only their knowledge (as is done in a university course) they share their sensemaking habits and their thinking processes with participants. Epistemology is augmented with ontology.

2¢ Worth » Personal Learning Networks - The Beginning - 2 views

  • the phrase, as we typically use it today, was most likely coined by George Siemens in his discriptions of connectivism,
  • The term ‘Personal Learning Network’ is directly derived from ‘Personal Learning Environment’, which as history shows was first used at the The Personal Learning Environments Session at a JISC/CETIS Conference in 2004.
  • – but it is the first time I believe I used the term “personal learning network” (2003)
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  • The most important inspiration for PLE was Illich’s four learning networks in Deschooling Society
    Warlick's take on the PLN

The Roving Librarian · The Downside of Web 2.0 - 5 views

    •  Lisa Durff
      Interesting question! Certainly web 2.0 can facilitate connection-making.

The "New" Diigo - 6 views

started by Lisa Durff on 30 Sep 09 no follow-up yet

Are Connections intentional ? - 20 views

started by Lisa Durff on 17 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
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