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The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

America's Work Stories - 0 views

    WARNING: Profanity is present at the other end of this link.

    Tedious reading, but informative for those who, on hearing a job seeker complain about how he was treated by the people in personnel, think "oh, it's just him complaining". No, not even close. Horror stories from those dealing with Human Resources, and the rest of management, from those lucky enough to have permanent jobs to suffer through.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

CAREER TOOLBOX: 100+ Places to Find Jobs - 2 views

    A long list of job sites, with brief descriptions of each. Be forewarned - ads left by job seekers on such sites are, if the buzz is to be trusted, usually ignored by employers, or at least the job seekers have so found.

    But I suppose when one is desperate and needs to feel like one is doing something, there's nothing wrong with having more options. Especially free ones. Just don't get your hopes up, given such HR practices as advertising for nonexistent positions and posting ads for the same position in a large number of places, whether the job advertised really exists or not.
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