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GPAs don't really show what students learned. Here's why. - 0 views

    An interesting look into the problem of GPA not being representative to what a student knows, learned, or can demonstrate in any given course. This certainly isn't a new issue and solutions vary - from competency based education (CBE) to utilizing metrics like GPAM. I think one of the big takeaways here is that utilizing any singular metric to measure student achievement is missing the forest for the trees.
Todd Suomela

Making Culture - Expressive & Creative Interaction Technologies Center - 0 views

    "Making Culture is the first in-depth examination of K-12 education makerspaces nationwide and was created as part of the ExCITe Center's Learning Innovation initiative. This report reveals the significance of cultural aspects of making (student interests, real world relevance, and community collaboration) that enable learning. "
Todd Suomela

"We do software so that you can do education": The curious case of MOOC platforms - Wor... - 0 views

  • edX’s case illustrates one mechanism through which this happens: the construction of organizational roles. Consider the separation of software and pedagogy within the edX ecosystem. As edX expanded its slate of partners, its first clients and patrons, MIT and Harvard, saw a decline in their own ability to set the agenda and control the direction of the software. These “users” argue that the software has an implicit theory of pedagogy embedded in it, and that, as experts on pedagogy, they should have more of a say in shaping the software. While acknowledging this, edX’s architects counter that they—and not the Harvard-MIT folks—should have the final say on prioritizing which features to build, not only because they understand the software the best, but also because they see themselves as best placed to understand which features might benefit the whole eco-system rather than just particular players. The standard template in the education technology industry is that the technology experts are only supposed to “implement” what the pedagogy experts ask. What is arguably new about the edX platform framework is that the software is prior to, and thereby more constitutive of, the pedagogy.
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