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Did you attract your break up? - 14 views

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started by brain master on 11 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
  • brain master
    Yes, as the saying goes you get what you give out...

    Have you been sending out all those subtle signals that attracted this break up to you. Of course it may not have been as straight forward as the principle of give and take in relationships, but then the bottom line is that you attracted or got involved with a person who was not right for you. So you did attract this relationship that ended in the break up.

    And if you are not ready to turn aroud and look inside yourself first, before you rush head long into another relationship, chances are that you will attract the similar kind of person or situation into your life again.

    What are you attracting and why are you attracting it. Look inside yourself and get very clear.
brain master

Getting over a break up / Getting over an ex... - 8 views

    Having looked everywhere for ways of getting over a break up, I found the advice presented here not only unique, but very thought provoking and practically useful in some instances. Ranging from issues such as: - Are You suffering from Post Traumatic Stress due to your break up, - Spiritual techniques to get over your relationship, - How to forget your ex and get on with your life. - How to get over loneliness and breakup depression And a whole lot more. Only problem I experienced was that I had to wade through the tonnes of articles presented here to really get to the golden nuggets of relationship advice. I felt it was totally worthwhile though.
brain master

How to get over an ex | Getting Over an ex - 3 views

    I found this amazing hub about how to get over an ex, it presents thought provoking ideas like: Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone of 'being miserable in your break up'; Are you suffering from post traumatic stress due to your break up? and more... Totally worth checking it out.
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