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cheating spouses

Book Of Answers About Cheating - 3 views

When I read a book entitled The Handbook of Cheating. I came to realize that some of the stories and relationship problems I heard which lead to cheating were really true. Money is one factor. Then...


started by cheating spouses on 11 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
Chiki Smith

Effectively Seize Cheating Partner - 1 views

I am in a relationship for two years. My husband and I were okay until such time that he turned out cold to me and I could not point out the reason why he acted that way. He came home late at night...

cheating partners

started by Chiki Smith on 14 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Chiki Smith

Relationship Advice for Troubled Couples - 1 views

People having relationship problems need good relationships advice. They need help to be able to think the right way and decide what the best way to solve the issues. If they have cheating partners...

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 14 May 11 no follow-up yet
Chiki Smith

This Book Offers Great Relationship Advice - 1 views

I broke up with my boyfriend of nine months because he cheated on me. All the while I was thinking it was all his fault, that he is just one of those cheating partners who are not contented with on...

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 14 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Truely Marry

Find Best Matrimonial portal for Rajput Community - 0 views

    There are over 200 million Rajputs who settled in India. Most of the Rajput community lived in Rajasthan but they are also settled in U.P, Madhya Pradesh, south, and many more cities where they settled. The Rajput community is one of the ancient and eminent families originating from the north-western part of India. Rajput was a warrior caste in India and is considered to be one of the most distinguished communities and includes 65% population. At the time of kings and queens, most of the Indian kings were Rajput. In ancient times Rajput kings had multiple wives some of the wives are they won in war. Rajput is a community where all they loved luxury and respect and their marriage always luxuries In modern days Rajput is a community where they always seek high-class families in the same community. According to the Indian matrimonial site survey Rajput community always looking for the same community and makes alliances with those families who understand their culture and tradition so, the Rajput community is the one who mostly preferred Online matrimonial sites for the same cultural value so, they find that families who understand their culture and tradition. Most of the rajput who looking for their partner always preferred rajput matrimonial They not choose those matrimonial who have normal databases they select that Indian marriage sites that have elite databases and who have provided elite matrimonial services and who In a survey of Rajput matrimonial services most of the people in rajput community looking for khandani families who live luxuries life. Most of the Rajput matrimony customers is Manglik or divorcee so, these profiles are open for all Matrimonial profiles if profiler are Manglik so, they always looking for a Manglik profiler in the Rajput community this Manglik tradition is very important and if the profiler is a divorcee so, they always seek for divorcee profiles In the past decade in Rajput community widowhood they can't remarry but everyone need
Chloe Summers

Perfect Symbols Of Love - 1 views

It is not really easy to prepare for one's wedding especially if you are doing it yourself. But, it is also truly rewarding as you get to choose the best things for you and your partner. In our cas...

started by Chloe Summers on 23 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
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