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Chiki Smith

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cheating partners

started by Chiki Smith on 14 Oct 11
  • Chiki Smith
    I am in a relationship for two years. My husband and I were okay until such time that he turned out cold to me and I could not point out the reason why he acted that way. He came home late at night and there were times when he does not show up. He kept on telling me that he always had to work overtime but it was difficult for me to believe him. I then started to be vigilant and keenly observed his actions until one time I happened to visit his office and I found out that all those time he was cheating on me. I was really hurt. My friend gave me a book ,The Hand Book Of Cheating. I have read so much of its interesting topics like the signs of a cheating partners and how to get over it. Fortunately, it helped me mend my broken heart. It was indeed a relief! Get a copy of The Hand Book Of Cheating now! Visit them at

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