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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sharon Elin

 Lisa Durff

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started by Lisa Durff on 02 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Sharon Elin
    Some homework assignments consist of meaningless "busy work," while even more rigorous assignments may be ill-suited to individual learners. Sometimes, students know best. Whenever a student complained to me that the homework assignments weren't useful or were boring, I would give him or her permission to create a new assignment that was more meaningful and that accomplished what I intended - to either reinforce, practice, or anticipate topics that we covered in class. Surprisingly, they rarely came up with easier assignments, often developing creative ways to personalize the information so it was relevant and meaningful.

    mrs durff wrote:
    > Let's get back into it! "Homework is new learning". How do you feel about that statement? Is homework reinforcement as claimed by many & we learned in college? Or is it really new learning that is unfair to students? I have heard concepts need to be repeated 7 times before students can be expected to learn those concepts. I have only met one student who was bored with my repetitions (& he was a gifted learner).
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