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Beth Knittle

Brain Rules Chpt. 4 - 76 views

Lisa, I too have been thinking about the multitasking information. I can not work in silence, I can not focus. I can not work talk in the background as I start listening to the talk as certain w...


 Lisa Durff

Brain Rules Chpt. 2 Survival - 51 views

What do you say to that student (and their parents) who insist they must work alone? I told them if they did not collaborate they were not meeting the objectives and the grade would be lowered. The...

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Marie Coleman

Brain Rules Chpt 1 Exercise - 48 views

Saw your plurk on this and will get out there tonight! Thanks for contributing and adding value to the discussion. Martha Thornburgh wrote: > I blogged about chapter 1. Still waiting on my book ...

Marie Coleman

Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina - INTRODUCTION - 46 views

This discussion group was formed as a result of a Plurk-driven conversation initiated by Michelle Bourgeois (aka milobo) - The selected book, Brain Rules, has an accom...

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started by Marie Coleman on 05 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
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