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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Marie Coleman


Brain Rules Chpt 1 Exercise - 48 views

started by Martha Thornburgh on 28 Jul 08 no follow-up yet

Chapter 2 Brain Rules Survival - 48 views

started by Lisa Durff on 27 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Marie Coleman
    Just talking about that with a colleague today! I think we need to weigh much heavier in depth (since most of what I see in schools today is the breadth - 'cover the standards' mentality) - if nothing else, it would help teachers and students focus on the learning more so than the "school"! Do you utilize UBD? If done well, it forces the teacher to really think about and plan for the depth, while still allowing for an interdisciplinary (which I think is a major key for the balance of breadth/depth) approach which can bring breadth.

    mrs durff wrote:
    > In reading Chapter 2, it occurs to me as an educator that there is a need for both breadth and depth of knowledge which I may not be addressing adequately. How can I facilitate deeper study while also covering the breadth of a topic which is required by my school?

Brain Rules - Chapter 1 (Plurk/Diigo Book Club) - - 0 views

    Chapter 1 Plurk discussion thread

milobo's Plurk Brain Rules - 0 views

    Here's how it all started...thanks, Michele!

Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina - INTRODUCTION - 46 views

started by Marie Coleman on 05 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Marie Coleman
    This discussion group was formed as a result of a Plurk-driven conversation initiated by Michelle Bourgeois (aka milobo) -

    The selected book, Brain Rules, has an accompanying website,

    The discussion will focus on one chapter each week (for a total of 12 weeks), beginning the week of July 21st.

    Be sure to share comments in Plurk and add bookmarks/highlights/annotations in this Diigo group!
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