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Jag Runeski

Will Bitcoin lose top place? - 34 views

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started by Jag Runeski on 06 Oct 15
  • pharos29
    Will be watching to see what actually happens!
    Katty Wood recently released her (or rather Ark Investment's) prediction that bitcoin will be worth over a million by 2030!)
    It will be interesting to see, but in the meantime at you can find articles about altcoins worth investing in now!
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  • mybitstore
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  • xert00
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  • topbestb
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  • brownergo
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  • honeyyy
  • Saint Otis
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  • Tom Danny
    Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency right now, but things can change. Other cryptocurrencies (like altcoins) and how blockchain tech improves can affect Bitcoin. Rules, how people feel about it, and new tech can also matter. Still, Bitcoin was the first and is well-known, which helps it stay strong. We can't know the future for sure, but Bitcoin will probably keep dealing with both good and tough times in the cryptocurrency world.
  • Tom Danny
    As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, questions arise about Bitcoin's future dominance. With the emergence of alternative coins and the ongoing developments in blockchain technology, some speculate whether Bitcoin will maintain its top position. While Bitcoin's status as the original and most widely recognized cryptocurrency offers resilience, market dynamics and technological advancements could potentially shift its position. Stay informed and monitor the crypto market closely to gauge Bitcoin's trajectory in the ever-changing landscape.
  • Tom Danny
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