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wretchard the cat

Obama On Investigating Boston Terror Suspect: "This Is Hard Stuff" | RealClearPolitics - 0 views

    "PRESIDENT OBAMA: We will not know that until the investigation of the actual crime is fully completed. That is still ongoing. But what I can say is based on what I have seen so far, the FBI performed its duties, the Department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing, but this is hard stuff. And I have said for quite some time that because of pressure that we have put on al Qaeda's core, and the pressure we put on these networks that are well financed and more sophisticated and can engage in and project transnational threats against the United States, -- transnational threats, one of the dangers we now face is self-radicalized individuals who are already in the U.S. and in some cases may not be part of any kind of network. But because of whatever twisted ideas they may have, they decide to carry out an attack."
wretchard the cat

Krauthammer On Obama's Response To Chemical Weapons in Syria: "Chain Of Custody? What I... - 0 views

    "Chain of custody? What is this, CSI: Damascus? In the middle of a war you expect a chain of custody and decide if a weapon was used? Look, this is a president who sees himself as a liberal reformer. He remember what happened to LBJ. He knows what happened to George Bush. You get involved in a foreign war, your presidency is ruined. And I think he has been determined from the first instant with Syria that he would not allow himself to be dragged in.

    I think the reason he put out this supposed red line about chemical weapons is that he imagined, a, it wouldn't be used or that it was a way to actually postpone a decision until the future. And now that he has this kind of, you know -- he doesn't have an overwhelming instance as we had in the Saddam days where he -- Saddam attacked the village from the air and killed thousands of people in one day. In the absence of that, I don't think he will allow any evidence to compel him to engage in military activity. I think that's where he starts from, and all over this stuff dancing around it, he is not going to allow himself to get involved. (Special Report, April 30, 2013)"
wretchard the cat

Syria and the undoing of Obama's grand strategy - - 0 views

  • Barack Obama is meant to be the most powerful man in the world. But it looks increasingly as though he may be dragged into a conflict in Syria, against his own better judgment.

    The news that Bashar al-Assad’s regime might well have crossed America’s “red line” by using chemical weapons has ratcheted up the pressure on the president to act. There was already a debate in Washington about whether the US should provide weapons to the anti-Assad rebels. A confirmed use of chemical arms in Syria could well provoke a direct military response.

  • As the pressure over Syria and Iran rises, the Obama administration is struggling to maintain its strategic focus on Asia. Last week General Martin Dempsey, the head of the US joint chiefs of staff, was in Beijing. There was no shortage of regional security crises to discuss – from North Korea to the rising tensions between China and Japan.

    The real logic of the “pivot”, however, is long-term. The argument is that the Asia-Pacific region is increasingly the centre of the global economy. Unless the US provides strategic reassurance to its friends there – and makes it clear that it has the determination and resources to remain a central power in east Asia – China’s sheer economic weight will mean that the world’s most dynamic region gradually becomes a Chinese sphere of influence.

wretchard the cat

Millions in CIA 'ghost money' paid to Afghan president's office: New York Times - chica... - 0 views

  • "The biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan", one American official said, "was the United States."
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