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started by Kevin Stiles on 21 Jan 12
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    The important thing to comprehending the link between each one of these areas of our self is the energy body, the subtle energy system, the missing connect to health, happiness and freedom, on all levels, a real existing part of us that's totally ignored and unaccepted as reality in conventional methods to mental health, and yet, the power body, the spirit person, a persons spirit is paramount to health on all levels.

    The Mental Health Foundation has defined a mentally healthy individual as one who are able to:

    Develop emotionally, creatively, intellectually and spiritually
    Initiate develop and sustain satisfying personal relationships
    Face problems, resolve and grow from them
    Have confidence and assertive
    Be familiar with others and empathize with them
    Use and enjoy solitude
    Play and have fun
    Laugh at themselves and the world
    So how did we develop mental health issues and problems?

    Let's explore this in the point of view from the human energy system, a persons spirit.

    There's an energy body. We can't view it, though some technologies do allow us to see energy fields of living things. Some talk about the aura, chakras, and meridians for energy to flow in the energy body. Many successful healing therapies derive from the presence of the power system and restoring flow when it is blocked. And this is paramount, finding blockage and restoring flow within the energy system.

    Just how does it get blocked in the first place? Ah well, that's life. Our energy system is processing life events, people, nature, things in through and out of the energy system, in the same manner because the physical body processes food in through and out. We eat, digest, circulate, metabolize, get energy from, and therefore are regenerated by, then eliminate the food that we eat. That's in through and out, changing us in the process. When everything is flowing well, we body processes are healthy. If we get blockage in almost any are problems and symptoms begin to develop e.g. indigestion, colon problems, liver problems, arteries, lymph. It is all about circulation and getting the nutrients right parts. Next your body knows how to be healthy.

    Just how does flow and nutrition relate to mental health?

    We process the energies of life in the same manner, in through and out. We match it up to acceptance, understanding, compassion, learning, releasing, forgiving, transformation and evolution, and delight and enjoyment in the process. All our positive emotional experiences we are able to now see as the flow of the energy of life through our energy system. It seamless comfort. Positive emotions arise from flow of these energies of life through our energy system and energy nutrition is the learning, the feel good factor, the development, the transformation we obtain from that aspect of life. This really is healthy flow. This really is in fact the way we are designed, just like the is designed to be healthy. This is our natural starting state, until life happened!

    What exactly are blockages in the Energy Body?

    So, as we can get blockage within the physical body, we get blockage within the energy body. For instance, we avoid because we can not handle something, we can't accept, we resist, or we hurt as we do accept, we hold on, we do not understand well, we do not make out the print, we can't forgive and that we feel bad. They are our painful emotions and we feel this in your body too.

    Actually, where we're feeling it in your body is where the energy is stuck.

    Events of Life Stuck in Processing

    So when we are not in that state of mental health that we defined above, it's because something happened to us, an event that people processed through our energy system, but it got stuck on the way. Maybe it was too big to handle for a young energy system. So there it stayed, that energy forever connected to the thought or memory of that event, locked in the power body, at the physical location that people can feel, when we recall it. And life is constantly on the happen, events upon events, stored causing further blockage and behaviors that arise from all of these blockages because somewhere along the way, the support wasn't there to help that person process and release those events in everyday life. So growth and learning didn't happen. Nourishment of the spirit to create confidence and strength didn't happen.

    Furthermore a blocked energy system, has reduced capability to process future events, coping ability is impaired. We emotionally react. Eventually the discomfort of handling life can be so great that disconnection is required, numbing out the feelings and ongoing pressure leads to depression.

    It's all regulated Energy and Only Energy

    It's all a form of energy indigestion, energy constipation, and energetic injury of some type.

    Understanding this is actually great news.

    Now that we've energy release approaches to the growing field of one's psychology, for example EFT, EmoTrance, TAT and more, we are able to locate and release the blockage, restore the flow, and heal the power system. Once again in flow, your health returns. We feel relaxed and free, we see clearly from the new perspective, we've new resources we didn't have before with this situation. We've learned and grown. We are to mental emotional and spiritual health. We are able to do that for those life events that got stuck in processing with the energy system which techniques allow us to release the energy without having to talk about these events over and over again.

    So, energy healing, also called healing the spirit, is really a answer to facilitating mental healing.

    Why Seriously a Retreat for Mental Healing?

    When a person is depressed, suffering chronic anxiety, has low confidence and self esteem, is numb or disconnected, there is a lot of life events kept in the power system that require releasing.

    Numerous therapy sessions are recommend, using EFT or EmoTrance or TAT and there's unequivocal evidence gathered over a long time from lots of people from the effectiveness of those strategies to create mental healing and change. This can be a challenge to people who follow more conventional talk therapies and medication approaches, and thus we find resistance from that sector, but thankfully, not from everyone.

    A healing retreat is the best opportunity to spend some time in a supportive environment and get a number of healing sessions, tuning directly into landmarks and releasing them, creating increasing flow within, increasing relaxation, lightness and clarity. It is a opportunity to have real progress in creating change and forward movement, improvements in mental health.

    Other studies show nutrition also offers an impact on our mental health. How much sugar and refined foods we eat play havoc with this glucose levels and moods. The possible lack of specific nutrients in our diet has been shown to result in vital processes no longer working well. The brain is an organ that requires food nearly as much as the rest of our body. When we are inside a low state of mind, we quite often do not take worry about what we eat.

    You can easily comprehend the benefits of combining energy healing with optimum nutritional support for mental healing. A mind body spirit detox, cleansing the old, restoring flow and putting in optimum fuel when it comes to food as well as in relation to what our spirit eats: nature, life, people, relationships, love.

    So in fact, with a complete mind body spirit detox healing retreat could be a great way to help mental healing or form a brand new type of mental health retreat.

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