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Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon - 2 views

    Nice overview and animation of what that means for the Solar system.
Ma Ru

Sun For Everyun - 3 views

    Nice initiative, isn't it?
    some citizen science added to this would make it even better ... as it is it's rather, boh ...
    Well, true - making data public is one thing, and making others to work through them for you is another... I love the new term "citizen science" though (and an explanation on the Wikipedia page why they had to invent a new one because "crowdsourcing" is soooooo - politically - wrong).
pacome delva

Sun blamed for Europe's colder winters - 1 views

    Well the idea is not really new and cannot explain climate change, but it's interesting

NASA - The Surprising Shape of Solar Storms - 0 views

    A space croissant for breakfast ?
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