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Peter Beens

M600XSP13-L1-2v3_100 Types of Knowledge - YouTube - 1 views

    Good video to show when teaching algorithm development.
Peter Beens

Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne - 0 views

    Textbook. The textbook Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne [ Amazon · Pearson · InformIT ] surveys the most important algorithms and data structures in use today. The textbook is organized into six chapters:
    Chapter 1: Fundamentals introduces a scientific and engineering basis for comparing algorithms and making predictions. It also includes our programming model.
    Chapter 2: Sorting considers several classic sorting algorithms, including insertion sort, mergesort, and quicksort. It also includes a binary heap implementation of a priority queue.
    Chapter 3: Searching describes several classic symbol table implementations, including binary search trees, red-black trees, and hash tables.
    Chapter 4: Graphs surveys the most important graph processing problems, including depth-first search, breadth-first search, minimum spanning trees, and shortest paths.
    Chapter 5: Strings investigates specialized algorithms for string processing, including radix sorting, substring search, tries, regular expressions, and data compression.
    Chapter 6: Context highlights connections to systems programming, scientific computing, commercial applications, operations research, and intractability.
Doug Peterson

Algorithms: The Ever-Growing, All-Knowing Way Of The Future : All Tech Considered : NPR - 0 views

    "From an algorithms perspective, this is a great time to be alive. Algorithms are just frolicking in the mountains of data that they can play with."
Doug Peterson

The Anatomy of a Search Engine - 0 views

    n this paper, we present Google, a prototype of a large-scale search engine which makes heavy use of the structure present in hypertext. Google is designed to crawl and index the Web efficiently and produce much more satisfying search results than existing systems. The prototype with a full text and hyperlink database of at least 24 million pages is available at 
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