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Emily Jeni

What Google Did Next: 5 SEO Predictions? - Internet Marketing|SEO Blog - 0 views

    Google and its algorithms are a constant cause of fervour, interest and fear and for SEO experts and link builders - keeping ahead of the next update is so important.
gino carpio

Google May Day Update: The Death of Long Tail Search? - 14 views

    Started as a hot topic in Webmasterworld last May 2010, Google has now confirmed the changes in their search algorithm. clickTRUE shares what this means.
Ecommerce Makers

Google Goes Tough On Ad Heavy Sites With Page Layout Algorithm UpdateeCom Makers Blog | eCom Makers Blog - 0 views

    Hello webmasters! It's official now! The news has just flown in! Google has recently released a refurbished version of its Page Layout Algorithm which is set to affect such websites which has too many ads annoying a potential visitor or too distracting for users. Already rubbing your eyes in disbelief?
Anil valvi

Will Web 2.0 Sites Continue To Dominate in 2013? - 0 views

    As Google continues to update their algorithms to weed out the web's undesirables, webmasters are turning to Web 2.0 properties to put them back on the map.
Ajay Prasad

Tips to Get Your Site Indexed in Search Engines | Website Design and Maintenance Service - 1 views

    Getting your website indexed by search engines can sometimes seem especially difficult when you consider the many strategies you can use to improve your ranking and the constant algorithm updates issued by search engines like Google.
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