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Girja Tiwari

The importance of mobile data communication - 1 views

    The importance of mobile data communication.The mobile data communication is now recognized as of fundamental importance for many companies. The constant availability and the ability to access business-critical data anywhere and at any time.
    The importance of mobile data communication.The mobile data communication is now recognized as of fundamental importance for many companies. The constant availability and the ability to access business-critical data anywhere and at any time.
Michael Marlatt

Micro Persuasion: The Promise and Peril of Ubiquitous Community - 0 views

  • "Steve, what's the next hot online community?" It seems as though everybody is on the lookout for the successor to MySpace, Twitter or Facebook. Nobody, even in a difficult economic climate, wants to be viewed as a latecomer. Perhaps as a defense mechanism to avoid being wrong myself, I now give a boilerplate answer that I believe can last. In short, the next big community is not a single destination. Rather, it is going to be everywhere. To paraphrase Forrester analyst Charlene Li, social networking is becoming "like air."
  • The problem, however, is that this model can't scale. Tastes change and people are always migrating to trendier sites-especially as their friends do. As a result, the Internet amber is littered with fossilized communities that once dominated. These former stalwarts include AOL, Angelfire,, GeoCities and Tripod.
  • Community today is a different animal. People now expect it to be part of virtually every online experience. Most media companies now allow users to leave comments or even create profiles. Hundreds of thousands of brands, NGOs and individuals have set up their own social networks on The entire web is going social.
    • Michael Marlatt
      The entire web is going social...interesting thought.
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  • actually think the shift in online communities is going towards niche social sites. Sites like Myspace and Facebook are big and their user base is overwhelmingly diverse. I think the trend now is to move towards communities that are based around shared interests, especially with the proliferation of things like ning. Will the walls between these networks break down? Probably. But I think there's always going to be a desire to commune online with people who share your interests. This is actually good news for marketers because niche communities mean more targeted marketing opportunities any way.
  • A network that works well on a mobile platform--knows where I am, who within my network is near me, offers recommendations, etc. + the concept behind FriendFeed which aggregates multiple networks gets us closer to the "air" analogy. It's really not that far off. Just waiting for wi-fi networks and handheld usability to catch up.

Communication And Collaboration Tools For Teams In 2020- Clientjoy - 0 views

    In the light of this pandemic, teams all over the world have switched to remote working. Working remotely might certainly take a toll on the overall team communication. At such times, communication and collaboration tools come to the rescue of teams. Here, we have highlighted the top communication and collaboration tools you can choose from
Michael Marlatt

PR 2.0: New Communication Theory and the New Roles for the New World of Marketing - 0 views

  • Monday, July 21, 2008 New Communication Theory and the New Roles for the New World of Marketing
  • In the era of the "new" social Web, communications is actually evolving back to its origins of communicating with people, not at them. It may seem implied, but communications does not, for the most part, embody two-way discussions.
  • With the soaring popularity and adoption of Social Media, companies are realizing that in addition to marketing communications, listening and engagement is quickly becoming pervasive and necessary in order to compete for precious, yet thinned and distributed attention. The days of focusing solely on Web stickiness, eyeballs and clickthroughs are fading. These are the days of immersion, conversations, engagement, relationships, referrals, and action.

Eliminating the Need of LIN or CAN Communication in Automotive Camera Systems - 0 views

    LIN or CAN communications have represented standards in automotive communication systems for quite a while now.

Why Buy a Property in BahriaTown Lahore? - 0 views

    Bahria Town Lahore is Lahore's largest real estate project that provides Lahori residents with a new sustainable and quality living environment. It is one of the finest Lahore's gated communities with 24/7 security and no load-shedding. Bahria Town Lahore is a unique community as its well-developed infrastructure, and exquisite design fascinate people all over the city. The community is divided into various sectors, including C, E, and F, which are considered as the most admired and popular sectors of Bahria Town Lahore in terms of buying a property. read more:

10 Secret Twitter marketing hacks in 2021 - TrendsDesignHugger - 0 views

    Over the years, Twitter is now one of the web's most inventive and used services. It is easy to envision that one day Twitter will become an useful media with an average of 6,000 tweets every second. And you probably already know Twitter if you have been following the news for the last 10 years. In 2009, an American airline crashed into the hudson river and the platform became a heated issue. The mainstream media released the news. This is because But could you utilise Twitter as a marketing tool for businesses? And what actions can you take to benefit from this unique platform? It is possible to establish great brand relations and a successful Twitter marketing plan, but only if you take the correct steps and have the patience. It requires several experimenting and brainstorming sessions to decide your brand's ultimate path, but it's worth it. You need to know what's happening on Twitter before you start. So let's start. Let's start. Consider the current Secret Twitter Marketing Hacks and how the capacity to market your company through the platform is impacted. One of the greatest advantages for many businesses is their relatively modest size for a Twitter marketing plan. If Facebook can attract 2 billion active users, why are they using Twitter? The essential point is that it concentrates on growth and the numbers of users, which can only be explained by half. In comparison, the user base may be tiny, but Twitter provides a high level of brands involvement. Compared to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Briefly, your discussions are an indication of the importance of Twitter. Twitter users draw more social networking brands than any other website. More than three-quarters of Twitter users connect with Twitter and 83% believe that they are very much in touch with the companies with which they interact. So your prospective followers will listen to what you have to say, in order to establish a good climate for interactions with their followers. But th

Gokul Rangarajan, How to create new in community in Google plus - 0 views

    "How to create new in community in Google plus"
Shaun Ferguson

Teaching Media Literacy: Yo! Are you Hip to This? | Center for Media Literacy - 0 views

  • With this nation's renewed interest in children and education in the 1990s, there have been significant signs of recent growth in the media literacy movement emerging in the United States. In the State of North Carolina, for example, media literacy is included in both the Communication Skills (English) curriculum and in the Information Skills curriculum. In many communities, educators have begun the process of thinking seriously about expanding the concept of literacy to include media. While there was only one teacher-training program in media literacy in 1993, in 1994 there were 12 different programs held across the United States. However, in most communities, media literacy exists due to the energy and initiative of a single teacher, not because of a coordinated, community-wide programmatic plan of implementation. At present, only one such plan is now underway, in the community of Billerica, Massachusetts, which is developing a comprehensive media literacy program that reaches all students across the curriculum in grades K - 12.
    • Shaun Ferguson
      Detailed Information on Media Literacy use in the school system dates available. 
  • Renee Hobbs, EdD, a prolific writer, speaker, researcher and curriculum designer in the field of media literacy education, is the director of the Media Education Lab at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is a founding Board director of the Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA).
    • Shaun Ferguson
      Sources of Information and details on the authors background in the field .
  • For years, many educators (and some parents, too) have stood like ostriches, sticking necks in the sand and trying very hard to ignore media culture. Television became the
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  • r children will ignore it and all will be as it was before television. Now that the culture is almost totally transformed by the compelling electronic and visual experiences that enter our living rooms each day, the ostrich stance seems more and more ridiculous. It's time to face up to the media culture we have created and the media culture we have consumed. It's time to help ourselves and our children to embrace and celebrate the messages worth treasuring, to analyze and understand the economic and political forces which sustain it, and to develop the skills and new habits we need to think carefully and wisely about the messages we create ourselves and the abundant messages we receive .  
Willis Wee

Nokia Acquired Dopplr (And Wants To Build An Online Community) - 1 views

    Nokia has explicitly stated their strategy in acquiring Dopplr: To build an online community using the expertise of the Dopplr team. Clearly, Nokia has set sights to build a community that worships its brand.
Jungle Jar

JungleJar | 15 Amusing Social Community / Messaging Based Videos - 1 views

    Is this what will one day be referred to as the real Web 3.0? Check out these 15 streaming videos involving social communities and the somewhat strange relationships we find ourselves having with them.

Serial Port Communication in C# - 0 views

    The purpose of this article is how to do serial port communication using C#. The serial port of the PC is a very important resource both in industrial environment and in home-made electronics, due to the wide popularity of the UART interface which is to
Jeff Johnson

The fallacy of community - New Marketing and Social Media (Abraham Harrison) - 0 views

    The unfortunate truth is that the term "community" is now so overly used and utterly misconstrued that it has become meaningless as a way of capturing the true essence of what it really is. It has now become a catch all phrase often used by social media strategists to describe an ideal that doesn't exist. It's become a presumptive description of customers or of end users in whatever form they come in, positioning them as already wanting to connect to a product line or a company. Many in social media end up contributing to this echo chamber, maintaining their standing in online discussions all the while causing damage to the concept as a whole.
goto trip

For the Record | FanNation - 0 views

shared by goto trip on 12 Nov 08 - Cached
    "... a web destination that aggregates, filters, and customizes all the relevant player and team content available at any time on the Internet." " provides this up-to-date information in a community setting with a user-friendly design. Users, the Fans, blog about anything and everything in sports, network with other sports fans, create groups of interest, track favorite players and teams, and communicate with friends."
kumar app

Submit News - 5 views

    The community news is one of the major sections of Levoltz. Our readers have the opportunity to share items that they feel others in the community will appreciate. Please use the form on the right to submit an item for inclusion. All submissions will be moderated. Submitting your own content or l

New Portugal Car Hire and Travel Forum - 1 views

    New Portugal Car Hire and Travel Community Forum just released. Open community to be used for everybody interested in exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences about travel and car hire in Portugal. Visit

Top 10 #socialmedia free tools to brand yourself #edtech20 #pln - 0 views

    Feed-back and comments are welcome . If you are social media addicted and want to became a social media curator join now free first Curation Edu Community
luxuriance1 luxuriance1

Veste Burberry Homme Pas Cher Enfin - 0 views

Il s'est organisé autour d'un groupe de citoyennes et de citoyens, soucieux de préserver l'avenir de leur pays suite à la prise de conscience quant à la grave crise multidimensionnelle qu'il traver...

Portefeuilles Burberry Femme Pas Cher Veste Homme Manteau

started by luxuriance1 luxuriance1 on 19 Mar 14 no follow-up yet

Top 100 #edtools discovered through #iste13 ;20 #curation tools,50 #ipad apps to #mlearning - 0 views

    Feel free to comment your favorite tool and add new tools after blog post and join our google plus community

BAZAAR SMS | Promotional SMS Provider in Patna | Bulk Promotional SMS in Patna | - 0 views

    The facility of Promotional Bulk SMS has brought a drastic revolution in the way businesses were conducted until a few years back. Gone are the days of traditional advertising SMS Marketing.Now you can promote your Product/Services at just a click directly to thousands of Mobile Phone users through promotional SMS. This has only opened attractive new arena of communication mode. Mobiles have become the most common communication mode(Bulk SMS). Every other individual, today, has a mobile. Nothing can be better than sending Bulk SMS to the prospective customers. We are Intenext Solutions, one of the leading Bulk Sms Providers in Patna of this amazing facility. We are based in Patna and offer effective and efficient services to clients' spread across the country. We provide SMS/email to OPT-IN Subscribers Only.
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