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Is Logo Design Synonymous with Brand Identity? - 0 views

    Many people think that logo design and brand identity is synonymous. However, this is a wrong concept. Logo design is a partial aspect of brand identity. Apart from logo designs, brand identity also involves telling a story, and distributing promotional materials.

Refresh Your Brand Identity with New Brochure Designs - 0 views

    Creating a brand identity requires time and effort. For this reason, people do not want to alter their brand identity easily. However, certain situations may demand change of your company's identity and promotional materials. These circumstances can include change of company name, restructuring of core team, and introduction of new services.
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Identity and The Independent Web - John Battelle's Searchblog - 0 views

    The Dependent Web is dominated by companies that deliver services, content and advertising based on who that service believes you to be: What you see on these sites "depends" on their proprietary model of your identity, including what you've done in the past, what you're doing right now, what "cohorts" you might fall into based on third- or first-party data and algorithms, and any number of other robust signals. The Independent Web, for the most part, does not shift its content or services based on who you are. Who we believe we are in the world is pretty fundamental to being human, and as we bleed our actual identity into our digital one, it's worth recalling that so far, at least, we don't have a system that lets us really instrument who we are online in a fashion that scales to the complexity of true human interaction. I sense an opportunity to create a new kind of social that is far more personal and instrumented...

Lynked.World Deploys Blockchain Based Digital Identity System - 0 views

    Lynked.World App is a one-stop verified solution for all your digital needs. Visit the article for more.
Colin Bruce Milne

DandyID: Universally Portable Social Identity! - 0 views

    Simply put, DandyID allows you to store your various online social identities in one place!

Lynked World Digital Wallet: A secure locker for all your Digital Identities - 0 views

    The Digital Wallet feature on the Lynked.World app serves two main features. First, it gets rid of the traditional practice of carrying hard copies of your important certificates and documents. Secondly, it acts as a window
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Turhan Aluminyum Logo Animasyon - YouTube - 0 views

  • Turhan Aluminyum Logo Animasyon İzmir Marka Reklam Ajansı Creative Advertising
    İzmir Marka Advertising Agency, Advertising and Communication Services, under the Brand Management Consulting , impressive and powerful brand identity that created the brand's target customers define the target customers of the quality and explores the decision process of buying and brand positioning according to these criteria and a brand story writer compatible with the positioning to consumers through effective and powerful media we call this the story of the message.
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Catalog Designing - 0 views

    The Best Catalog Designing Services Provider Milecore also offers Brochure & banner Designing, Creative Logo designing, Flyer Designing, Card Designing, Business Identity Designing at affordable price.
Al-Mehatb Shaikh - 0 views

    The business owners keep looking for ways to become more famous, earn more money and have more customers. They vision of progress and growth successfully. Identification is important for the business and remembered for years to come. For a long-lasting survival, brand identity is very important and cannot be underestimated.

Proactive & Comprehensive Cyber Security Course - 0 views

    Multisoft Systems offer cyber security course for amateurs as well as professionals imparting training on system security, online transaction security, theft identity, e-mail security.
Dr. Sorin Adam Matei

Extension:MobileSkin - MediaWiki - 0 views

    This extension automatically detects mobile devices using values in HTTP_USER_AGENT (browser identity) and changes the skin used to display the requested page. If HTTP_USER_AGENT does not contain any known mobile indicators (e.g. "iphone", "smartphone", "blackberry", etc) the page will display with the user's default skin as defined in his or her preferences.
Frederik Van Zande

Ajax security tools - 0 views

    Certain vulnerabilities within Ajax applications can allow malicious hackers to reek havoc with your applications. Identity theft, unprotected access to sensitive information, browser crashes, defacement of Web applications, and Denial of Service attacks are just a few of the potential disasters Ajax applications can be prone to and which developers need to guard against when building Ajax capabilities into their applications. Regular developerWorks author Judith Myerson suggests some application-strengthening tools, including Firefox tools and add-ons, which you can use to improve or solve security problems within your Ajax applications.
Vincent Lu

How Social Networking Could Kill Web Search as We Know It - Faceboogle - Google vs. Fac... - 0 views

  • But what is new is that the interfaces have changed to allow each member of a community to have their own microsite—an identity on the Web that is unique and centralized. And this focus on online identity is what could turn search upside down.
    • Vincent Lu
      This ideal scenario is based on the precondition of unique micro site for everyone, i.e. the prevalance of open ID.
Willis Wee

Birddi: Twitter Clone in Spanish - 0 views

    Today, we present to you Birddi, a Twitter clone in Spanish. It's color, design and feel are 99% identical to Twitter's old look.

Suspected architect of Paris attacks is dead - 0 views

PARIS - The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was killed Wednesday in a massive pre-dawn raid by French police commandos, two senior European officials said, after investigators fol...

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How will Lynked.World digital identity platform help in humanitarian causes? - 0 views

    The use of Blockchain is no longer limited to as an investment platform or just a digital method for financial transactions. Beyond that, blockchain can be used (and is being used) for the betterment of humanity and to help people who are in dire need.

Have you been searching for a passport( ) , SSN card, driver's li... - 0 views

Have you been searching for a passport( ) , SSN card, driver's license, I.D, Birth certificate, diploma or any other document? Or maybe to buy A NEW passp...

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The Future Belongs to Digital | Exentrics - 0 views

    A real gimmick. Digital Media has exceptionally transformed media world and industries. Today, we attend more digitalised social gatherings than in-person interactions, blogs are becoming more influential than the real media, virtual meetings are encroaching the face to face meetings, and having a great online identity is a must. However, technology and internet aren't new to our lives, it's its rapid growth in last couple of years that has unified both people and content in an amazing way. In this era of digitalization, it is important to analyse where does your firm stand and imperative to learn how to innovate the marketing campaigns in order to achieve the inexplicable results.
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