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Shamblesguru Smith

Shambles Termly Newsletter Feb 09 now online - 21 views

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started by Shamblesguru Smith on 08 Feb 09
  • Shamblesguru Smith
    This is to confirm that the 20th termly "Shambles" Newsletter from The Education Project Asia is now available online.

    - designed for International School Communities across S.E.Asia.
    (now with a worldwide readership)

    It can be viewed online at

    Topics this term include:

    - New on Shambles : YouTube, TeachersTV, Obama, Periodic Table
    - International Schools Island in Second Life
    - Second Life Teen Grid (age 13-17)
    - International Baccalaureate
    - Curriculum

    - Plagiarism and Copyright
    - Internet Safety
    - Conferences / Courses / Workshops
    - Librarians and Media Staff
    - Mixed Bag

    - Media Studies
    - Special Needs and Technology
    - STOP PRESS Items


    One of the items lists workshops I am running in Singapore 16th 17th and 18th March .... public sessions

    Six half day workshops
    (W1) Internet Survival Skills for Teachers (inc. RSS, Social Networks, Web 2.0 Start Pages)
    (W2) Google Extended (inc. search skills and Google Apps)
    (W3) Blogging
    (W4) Podcasting
    (W5) Beyond PowerPoint (If students are bored with ppt then these options will stimulate)
    (W6) Social Networking and Virtual Worlds (inc. Second Life)

    Each workshop is a mixture of Web 2.0 tools, pedagogy and classroom management ... using whole group work and also hands-on.

    details at
    Short sessions to enable you to easily get up to speed on these Web 2.0 topics.


    Use of Second Life (or other Virtual Worlds) by Schools Across Asia ...
    request for help ...
    If you know of a school in Asia that is already using Second Life then I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line.
    There is minimal use at the moment (afaik) and I'd like to raise awareness of any ground breaking work so that experiences can be shared more easily.


    Newsletters are archived at
    where readers can also subscribe to be included in the distribution list (or take themselves off) or use the RSS feed.

    I'd be grateful if you would help by forwarding this information to colleagues ... many thanks.

    If you have any items that you think would be of interest to schools across the region or you wish to share an event or project then please feel free to send them to me at

    The next newsletter will be published 5th May 2009

    I hope you continue to find this useful and of practical help working with your students, school, organisation or colleagues.

    February 2009 newsletter is available at



    Shambles listed in top ten websites by (UK) Teachers TV

    Second Life: Shamblesguru Voom
    Twitter: shamblesguru Skype: cthsmith
    Chris Smith : email:
    Personal Learning Network:
    Based in Thailand, working across S.E.Asia
    The Education Project Asia
    Support for ICT across the Curriculum
    'It's out there somewhere, the trick is finding it'
    International Schools Island in Second Life
    Indexing S.L. for Educators in S.L. itself
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