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Fish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

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      there are many bony fish
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Extraterrestrial life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

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      Extra terrestrial life may exist in this solar system on Jupiter or Saturn's moons. This theory has not been scientifically proven........YET.
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      Extraterrestrial life[n 1] is life that does not originate from Earth. It is also called alien life, or, if it is a sentient and/or relatively complex individual, an "extraterrestrial" or "alien" (or, to avoid confusion with the legal sense of "alien", a "space alien"). These as yet hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans. The possibility that viruses might exist extraterrestrially has also been proposed.
    very cool and very interesting
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Getting Started with Firefox extension - Diigo help - 0 views

  •  Feature Highlight: Highlights Diigo saves the day with "highlights". Highlights let you select the important snippets on a page and store them in your library with the page's bookmark. Let's try it. Just open a page, maybe one of your old-school bookmarks or one of your new cat bookmarks, and find the information on that page you actually care about. Select that important text. Got it? Okay, now put your hemet on, 'cause this might blow your mind! Click the highlight icon on the Diigo toolbar. It's the one with the "T" on a page with a yellow highlighter. You will notice that the selected text gets a yellow background. This means that the text has been saved in your library, and as long as you have the Diigo add-on the text will be highlighted on the page! How's that for easy?   Now you've highlighted the text. It will appear in your library within the bookmark for the page it is on. Go to your library and you can see how it works. If you're not sure how to get to your library, just click the second icon on the toolbar (Diigo icon to the left of the search bar) and then select "My Library »".
  • Sticky Notes on the Web What? I can put a sticky note on a web page? How? Oh, that's right! Diigo. Just right-click anywhere on the page and choose to "add a floating sticky note". Type up your note and choose "Post", then move the note anywhere on the page. You have to type a note first, before you move it where you want, otherwise there's nothing to move!
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Getting Started with Diigolet - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Tags help you find and organize your bookmarks by letting you select all of your bookmarks with a certain tag or combination of tags. Quickly add relevant tags to a bookmark by clicking on any of the recommended tags that appear under the description field on the “Save Bookmark” pop-up. When you are satisfied with the information in the “Save Bookmark” pop-up, click the “Save Bookmark” button. Now a link to the page is stored in your Diigo library, and the information you entered is stored with it.
  • Highlight Highlighting lets you denote important information on a page, just like highlighting in a book, but with Diigo, the highlighted text will be conveniently saved to your library as well. There are some important things for me to denote on my recipe. My wife doesn’t like pineapple, my grandfather can’t have eggs or chocolate, and I don’t like coconut very much, so I highlight those items on the recipe to let me know I need to deal with them. Highlight by clicking “Highlight” on the Diigolet. Then select the text you want to highlight. The text will be visually highlighted and the text is now stored in your library. It’s that easy. Click the button again to exit highlighter mode. You can also change the color of a highlight by clicking the downward-pointing arrow next to “Highlight” and choosing a color. Colors are useful for differentiating different types of highlights. I will use a different color for each of the different people I need to consider.
  • To add a sticky note to a highlight, simply move your mouse cursor over a highlight. When the little pop-up tab with the pencil on it appears, move the cursor to it and a menu will appear. Choose “Add Sticky Notes”. Now you can type and post a sticky note just like before, but this time it will be tied to the highlighted text.
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Getting Started with Chrome extension - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Use the “Save” option to bookmark a page. Bookmarking saves a link to the page in your online Diigo library, allowing you to easily access it later.
  • Highlighting can also be accomplished from the context pop-up. After the Chrome extension is installed, whenever you select text on a webpage, the context pop-up will appear, allowing you to accomplish text-related annotation. Highlight Pop-up Menu – After you highlight some text, position your mouse cursor over it and the highlight pop-up menu will appear. The highlight pop-up menu allows you to add notes to, share, or delete the highlight.
  • Sticky Note Click the middle icon on the annotation toolbar to add a sticky note to the page. With a sticky note, you can write your thoughts anywhere on a web page.
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Koala Facts for Kids | Australian Animals | Marsupials - 0 views

  • t encountered koalas in Australia, they
  • thought the
  • A koala’s pregnancy lasts 35 days.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • After the joey spends 6 months in the
  • uch developing, the mother koala
  • oduce a special substanc
  • joey will stay with its mother for 6 more
  • months after first venturing out of the
  • pouch. In this time, the joey learns how
  • to grasp leaves with its hands and
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Koala -- Kids' Planet -- Defenders of Wildlife - 0 views

  • oalas have soft, wool-like fur that is gray above and white below. Their fur is mostly white on the underside below the neck, and their ears have long white hairs on the tips. The koala resembles a bear, but is actually a marsupial, a special kind of mammal which carries its young in a pouch. SIZE:
  • There are fewer than 100,000 koala
  • Koalas can live as long as 17 years, although high mortality rates (due to car fatalities and dogs) for males lower their life expectancy to 2 to 10 years.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Australian national laws protect koalas, but each individual state is responsible for the animal's conservation.
  • Defenders of Wildlife 1130 17th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 1-800-385-9712
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Diigolet | Diigo - 0 views

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Softball w - 0 views

Softball was invented in Chicago in 1888 at the Thanksgiving Day celebrations after the Harvard/Yale football game.The original "softball" was a rolled up boxing glove.The original bat was a broom ...

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Softball 2 - 0 views

The game of softball came from George Hancock. He is credited as the game's inventor and the inventor of the undersized bat and the ball. The name 'softball' was coined by Wa...

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Softball 3 - 0 views

The first world softball championship was a women's tournament which was in held Melbourne, Australia, in 1965.Joan Joyce played basketball, volleyball, and softball as a teenager ...

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Softball 2 - 0 views

The game of softball came from George Hancock. He is credited as the game's inventor and the inventor of the undersized bat and the ball. The name 'softball' was coined by Wa...

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Cat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

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      Cat descended from African wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica)
  • A genetic study in 2007 concluded that domestic cats are descended from African wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica)
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My Library - 1 views


Zorse (Equus zebra x Equus caballus) - Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Informatio... - 0 views

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  • impossible for a fully wild Zorse to occur without Human intervention of some kind.
  • bly rare wild Horse
  • he Zorse is very Horse-like in appearance as it inherits it's shape, size, colour and temperament from it's mother.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • e Zorse's most notable features is the dark stripes that are boldest on their legs and rear, along with also commonly being found on the rest of the body, neck and head. The Zorse tends to have short, coarse fur that can range in c
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