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alexandra m. pickett

Module 1: Reflect - N2OL: New to Online Learning (... - 5 views

  • First read the instructions on "How to participate in a Discussion..." Then enter the first discussion. When you are ready to respond, use the “Reply to This” link to create your response.

    (Discussion Hint: What are some issues about the online teaching and learning environment that are of concern to you at this stage? What asp

    • alexandra m. pickett
      do they need these instructions here? or this hint here? or should it appear on the actual assignment in the ning?

Socratic Smackdown pdf - 2 views

    Game plan for student discussion

21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation - 0 views

    21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

Jeopardy - 0 views

    • kasey8876
      This site offers a template to be used to develop a jeopardy game in power point.

REAP > Theory & Practice > Conceptions - 0 views

  • In this website some key assumptions are made about assessment and feedback.  In particular, the primary purpose of these processes is conceptualised as being to enable students to develop as self-regulated learners, able to monitor, evaluate and regulate their own learning. This does not mean a focus on individual learning. Rather, student self-regulation is more likely to be developed through collaboration amongst students rather than by individualistic approaches to learning.
    engagement and empowerment through effective assessment redesign

IEEE Xplore Abstract - Empirical Study on the Effect of Achievement Badges in TRAKLA2 O... - 0 views

  • encourage desired study practices.
    • lkryder
      This aligns with how I want to use them

Understanding and Structuring Inquiry: A Tale of Three Teachers - 0 views

    A look at what it means use inquiry based instruction.

Putting Students in the Driver's Seat: Projects to Decrease Passivity | Faculty Focus - 0 views

    Passivity still seems to be the norm for most college courses: students passively try to learn information from teachers who unwittingly cultivate a passive attitude in their learners. As the subject matter experts, many faculty are reluctant to give up some control. We know the material, there's a lot to cover, and let's face it, going the lecture route is often just plain easier for everyone. We "get through" the material, and students aren't pressed to do anything more than sit back and take notes. Teacher and student thus become complicit in creating a passive learning environment.

Web 3.0 on Vimeo - 0 views

shared by abeukema on 14 Aug 14 - Cached
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