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Why opt-in superfish ad in read-it-faster chrome extension - 76 views


started by tangmy on 06 Apr 12
  • tangmy
    It really hurts user and experience, and it is evil. I appreciate diigo team's effort for past years, especially there are two Asian founders. It is hard to win users, but it is REALLY easy to lose user.
  • sandy_diigo
    Read Later Fast now offers some additional features to improve your search and shopping experience online.
    - Price comparison: When you are viewing a product on one of the ecommerce sites, pricing for the same product elsewhere will be shown to you automatically, helping you with your shopping decisions
    - Related products: When you mouse-over the image of a product, you will see a list of similar products.

    You may well wonder why these features are incorporated. First of all, we think most of you will find these features very useful and yet non-intrusive. And, if you do not like them, you can always disable them in options anytime. Second, these features frankly do bring us a small amount of revenue which enables us to continue to improve the app and offer it free of charge and free of ads. We thank you for being a loyal user and for your support.
  • tangmy
    I can understand the intention, but I can not support the action. Taken down from chrome extensions is a good lesson we can learn, and I am not sure whether diigo can still see the latest review for the extension.

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