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Hiding Page Comments - 71 views

  • wordsmith
    Is there a way to hide or collapse page comments in the same way as for a sticky note?
  • wordsmith
    Yes. Just add the comment and it will take care of itself.
  • wordsmith
    "Add the comment" and it will get hidden. You can see it again by clicking on "expand".

Adding a Sticky Note to an Unmarked URL - 533 views

started by wordsmith on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • wordsmith
    Sometimes, you don't want to mark a webpage with highlights or sticky notes. You do, however, want to add a sticky note to the bookmark so that you can add notes, etc. Of course, one could click on "comment" at the bottom of the bookmark.

    I prefer sticky notes to comments because they can be hidden and revealed when desired. Is there a way to add sticky notes to a bookmark from the "my bookmarks" page?

Adding Offline Information to Lists - 90 views

  • wordsmith
    I would like to add a quote from an offline source so that it displays as a bookmark item on a list would. Basically, using the "highlight and bookmark" function without adding a URL.

    I could click on "add section" in "My Lists". However, I would prefer the information to be displayed as a bookmark item would. That way I can add sticky notes and such.

    Any suggestions? I could just click on any website and then edit the title of the bookmark later, but that seems like too much work for something so simple. Instead of the URL, it would be great if I could input the title of the source like a book or magazine.
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  • wordsmith
    I have figured out how to add offline information so that it appears as a bookmark. On the "my bookmarks" page, go to the "add a bookmark" section (on the right side) and click "Add". You don't need to enter anything in the "Add" box.

    When the "Add New Bookmark" page opens, you just input what you want. Of course, it would be great if we could choose to input a book/article title into the URL box.

    Unfortunately, there is an error in Diigo which only allows you to input one piece of offline information. Every time I try to add a new item to the bookmark list, the previous item is written over with the new item.
  • wordsmith
    I haven't found one. I intend to post a solution to this thread when I do. In the meantime, you can enable email notification for this topic. Just click on "Enable" on the bottom right corner of this box.
  • wordsmith
    Me neither.

    Call Me What You Want wrote:
    > Thanks. Already done that. Btw what was on Mia's link? Couldn't access it.
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